3 Ways to Create Eye-Catching Urban Panel Advertising

If you are looking to advertise your business in a major urban area, you should be considering urban panels. Urban panels are a great alternative to the standard billboard when advertising in metropolitan areas. They tend to be more cost effective than other methods of advertising and are a great way to get your audience at eye level with your ad. Keep reading for everything you need to know about urban panel advertising and how to create one.

What is Urban Panel Advertising?

Walk the streets of any major city in the United States and you will come across urban panel advertising. Urban panels refer to the displays that are erected at street level. These panels are most often seen above subway entrances, around bus stops or lining the city streets. This type of display is meant to catch the eye of commuters traveling by foot or via public transportation. As the name suggests, you will only come across this type of advertising in major urban areas. Cities with little to no foot traffic or public transportation do not usually have this type of advertising as an option.

What are the Marketing Benefits?

If you are in a city that can accommodate urban panel advertising, it is something you should take advantage of. Urban panels can be different sizes depending on the placement, and they also come in static and digital varieties depending on where you look. One of the major benefits that advertisers take advantage of with urban panels is the ability to have their audience eye level with their message. Billboards, even with their high level of visibility, are easier to ignore than an advertisement that is at eye level. Additionally, people spend time lingering around public transportation which gives your ad a better chance at making an impression. If you are looking to target an urban demographic of professionals that commute during peak hours, your business is perfectly suited to urban panel advertising.

Choose a Location

Choosing where you want to place your urban panel advertisement is going to be an important part in the process of curating the perfect ad. Eye-catching design is also essential, but if your ad is not in front of your target audience, the design won’t matter. For example, luxury products should be advertised in wealthier neighborhoods and local businesses should advertise near where their product or service is sold. Make sure you are taking advantage of real estate near college campuses if your target audience includes younger people. Or if you are looking to get your ad seen by tourists, choose urban panels that are near airports. Understanding the advertising needs of your business is key to finding the right location, so make sure that you know who you are trying to target and where to find them.

Visual Design

The visuals you choose for your urban panel are going to be a major contributor in how well it attracts the eyes of people passing by. You don’t want to over design your ad, especially if you are using one of the smaller varieties of urban panels. Advertisements that are too busy or distracting can turn people away from looking long enough to take in your message. While ads that have too much going on tend to still draw eyes, your audience needs to be able to understand the product you are advertising. On the other hand, ads that do not have enough design elements working in their favor will not draw eyes to begin with. In order to avoid this, use contrasting colors only and images and visuals that are chosen with specific intention.

Text Design

If you decide to include text in your advertisement, you are going to want to do it with purpose. Too much text on an advertisement is a sure-fire way to make sure people want nothing to do with your ad. People will only spend so much time looking at advertisements, so whatever text you decide to put on your ad needs to serve a distinct purpose. Whether you are using a call-to-action statement, advertising social media accounts, or just want the name of your business on the ad, be wise with placement, size, and coloring. Remember to contrast the colors to the background so your message doesn’t get lost.

Finding Success with Urban Panel Advertising

Businesses looking to advertise in an urban environment should be taking advantage of this city-specific form of advertising. You know the needs of your business best when it comes to selecting locations, but when it comes to visual design, don’t be afraid to outsource. Companies with an in-house design department may be able to design their own advertisements, but if your company does not have an art department, it can be helpful to hire someone to design your urban panels for maximum reach and benefit to your business.

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