What are the Attributes of the Product and Service? – Definition, Examples of Tangible, Examples of Intangibles

Attributes Definition

Attributes refer to the characteristics that define the service and product. They are the series of elements that influence the purchasing decisions of customers.

And consumers search for products through the natural and common language for them. Attributes define as tangible (physical) and intangible (non-physical).

And tangibles are characteristics such as size, color, smell, product packaging, product design, weight, etc.

Also intangible refers to things like price, quality, and aesthetics.

And these various attributes of the product and service.

The buyer uses to narrow the options to the products they are looking for and decide to meet the needs and wants.

What are the Examples of Tangible Attributes of the Product and service?

What are the Examples of Intangible Attributes of the Product and Service?

1. Quality

  • The main attribute of the product that the brand focuses on when seeking to position itself in the market.
  • And people it drew to the product if they know and trust that it will work. Also, putting the value on this particular attribute allows consumers to understand that by purchasing it.
  • And generating positive reviews and vital manufacturing data can help promote the quality of a product.

2. Marketing Strategies

  • The factor that consumers value when deciding which product to buy and what will trigger that purchase.
  • And examples of product and service attributes related to marketing strategies include things like:
    It’s the best selling in the market.
  • And increase the volume
  • Also the best price

3. Innovation

  • There are some products and services on the market that take remain around for generations.
  • However, if our company wants to stay ahead of the mainstream brands, making innovative changes can help revitalize sales.
  • Also, innovative attributes can win back customer attention and generate new brand loyalty.
  • Testing and evaluating the product regularly and doing data analysis can help marketers assess what customers like, want, and need.

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