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What is Evergreen content? – Topics, Examples, and More

Evergreen content that fixes does not go out of date. It revolves around the topic that’s always relevant to readers, regardless of the current news cycle or season.

Also, its name comes from the evergreen—the plant that retains its green leaves all year round.

What are the Evergreen Content Topics?

  • Evergreen topics are individuals with consistent interest and search volume over time. Here are some examples of evergreen topics:

1. How to lose weight

  • It does not matter if it’s 2019 and 100 years from now. People will always want to lose weight.

2. How to fry the Egg

  • Eggs are the stable part of English breakfasts and many other of the world’s favorite meals.
  • And people did not go to stop eating fried eggs anytime soon, which is why there’s consistent interest in learning how to fry one.

3. Football scores

  • Football matches (sorry, US folks) get played all the time, and football fans are always interested in the latest scores.

What are the Examples of non-Evergreen content topics?

1. US presidential elections

  • The elections happen every four years.

2. Where to buy easers eggs

  • Likewise, Easter happens only once a year.

3. Olympics

  • If you count both the summer and winter Olympics, this happens once every two years.

Why is the Evergreen Content Important?

  • Once Donald Trump earned the election in 2016, the New York Times reported it because they were one of the first few to break the news, and the site saw the massive spike in traffic.
  • Also but that only lasted for a couple of months as people started coming to terms with Donald Trump’s win. Also, they were no longer interested in the topic of “Donald Trump winning the election.”
  • As such, traffic to that article plummeted. Every time we publish this kind of post, and it gets widely shared.
  • We get the initial burst of traffic. We call that the “spike of hope.” Over time, as interest wanes, this quickly degenerates into a “flatline of nope.”
  • And also, it puts us on the hamster wheel of content creation. We take to keep publishing. Once you stop, your traffic will drop.

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