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Satta Matka | How to Play Satta Matka

Satta Matka | How to Play Satta Matka

Satta Matka Guide

Satta Matka is quite a popular gambling system in India. It originated in India and is usually referred to as Indian Satta Matka. Satta is a broader term used for gambling while Matka is a key part of this Satta Matka game. Below we’ve briefly described what is Satta Matka game.

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What is Matka Game?

Satta Matka game originally appeared in 1950 in India. And it is popular in India, among both elder and younger groups. As the name suggests, this game is played using a “Matka” or an earthen pot.

It has other names as well such as Matka gambling or Satta. However, the game process remains the same. In this type of gambling, a group of people choose between numbers say 0-9 and then bet on their chosen number. These numbers are written on pieces of paper and placed in a Matka. Then, one player takes out a piece of paper and announces the number written on it.

The player who had bet on that number will win. There has been a drastic difference between Satta Matka rules then and now. However, the primary objective and the name of the game have remained constant.

How to Play Satta Matka?

As we’ve just mentioned in the section above, the process of playing Satta Matka has changed over the years. And if you’re looking for the recent Matka game methods, we’ve documented brief sections on both Satta Matka offline and online.

Satta Matka Offline

If you’re wondering how to play the Matka game offline, it is simple. While playing it offline or live, players are supposed to write down numbers from 0 to 9 on different chits. Then, roll these pieces of paper and place them in Matka.

One can shake the Matka a little for their satisfaction. And then, each player is supposed to bet on a random number. If their chosen number comes out, they will win.

Any player can take out three chits from the matka and announce the winning numbers written on it. The players with those numbers will be called as Satta Matka and they will be given the money.

Satta Matka Online

As you’ve been told before, the process of playing the Satta Matka game has changed. It has been through a lot of evolution. And now its current shape online is completely different from what it was offline then. This has only added more fun and twist to the game.

So, the game begins with the player choosing any three numbers from 0-9. Let’s say he will choose 123. Then, to add a twist to the odds, these numbers are added and the result is multiplied by the last number.

The same process will happen for the second time. And then, the two resulting numbers are multiplied. This is now your ticket number.

The system will eventually announce the [Satta Matka] number. If this number matches your ticket number, you will win.

What are Satta Matka Fees and Odds? 

According to the current [Satta Matka] game rules, the sites charge 5% on your stake amount, if you win. And the same amount they take on each bet, the rest goes for your payouts.

Also, the payout system works the following way. Let’s take an example of the 20 Rupees bet.

Your first number drawn is correct: 9 × Your wager of 20Rs = 180 Rs.

Your second number drawn is correct: 9 × Your wager of 20Rs = 180 Rs.

Your first and the middle number drawn is correct: 180 × Your wager = 3,600Rs.

So, if you have faith in your chosen numbers, you can decide to raise your bet and keep on betting the same numbers. Some players even consult their astrologers to either keep on betting or quit.


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