What are the three stages of video production?

Video production is creating a video with all essential elements, including creativity, planning, and execution. There are typically three substantial stages in video production that include all aspects of video production: pre-production, production, and post-production. Each step is important, and it can take a long time to create high-quality content that engages the viewers. The video production process is lengthy, tedious, and often time-consuming. Video production is instrumental in film and television production, as video is the essence of such projects. Interestingly, academic institutions in Canada are offering tailor-made courses for film and television production that allows interested individuals to learn the art of video production.

If you are looking forward to breaking through the modern entertainment industry, a professional degree program can be your gateway. A film and television production program that lasts one year can help students gain hands-on experience in various projects, including television broadcasts, short films, web series,  commercials, and much more. They also get the opportunity to use professional equipment, including HD to 4K video cameras, lighting setup, sound recording equipment, green screens, television broadcast console, and the latest video-post production and editing software programs.

The video production module is emphasized along with other aspects of film and television production to ensure students build end-to-end knowledge of the domain. Video production modules covered during the program include:

  • Camera and lighting
  • Scene Recreation
  • Cinematography
  • Video Editing
  • Post-production for film

These modules bring us to the conclusion that video production essentially comprises three stages. Let’s dive deeper into understanding the three stages of video production.

  1. Pre-Production: Pre-production is the first step in the video production process that looks into the overall objective of the video. This stage only undertakes preparations and does not involve any recording during this stage. Preparations include deciding the purpose of the video, gathering the required resources, and laying down the plan relevant to the project. There are typically ten tasks to be accomplished during this stage:
  2. What is the target audience?
  3. Decide the video’s purpose
  4. Prepare a production summary
  5. Lay down the video plan
  6. Create a script
  7. Build a storyline
  8. Produce your storyboard
  9. Location Scouting
  10. Draft filming schedule
  11. Handpick talent
  12. Production: The production stage is when the video is made. Production in this stage includes setting up scenes, directing artists according to the script, and capturing footage. It also includes filming, sound recording, and other elements required for production, such as photos or archival footage.
  13. Post-Production: After the video production and filming, the project is taken to the next stage, post-production. It involves steps such as sound editing, picture editing, visual effects, adding music, words, and graphics, and the creation of shorter videos for the trailer and social media. Professionals use the latest editing software to make the most of the post-production stage.

Video production is a highly collaborative task requiring many professionals to collaborate to work on a project. Each stage is important and has a significant impact on the overall production of the video. If you have a creative bent of mind, then video production can be your thing. Apart from following your passion, you can also build a fulfilling career in the flourishing entertainment industry. Invest in a well-design film and television production program to become proficient in all aspects of video production.

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