Top 4 Tips of Party Makeup Artists for Getting an Intense Look

Party Makeup Artists: Planning to carry an intense look for your next party invitation? It can be challenging to achieve the perfect look if you’re not a makeup expert. Even if you follow a YouTube tutorial with thousands of upvotes, chances are you will end up with an entirely different look than the one you were going for. So, to help you nail your intense look, here are 4 tips straight from an expert makeup artist-

1. Prep Your Skin

Ask any makeup artist, and they all will stress the importance of preparing your skin well. Start by cleansing your face with a cleanser that suits your skin. Then use a peeling toner to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation smoothens the skin and also brightens your complexion. At last, top it all off with a moisturizer and primer.

That is it. Your prep is complete. A good prep will provide a smooth surface, so your makeup sits evenly on your face without any dry patches.

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2. Use Makeup Sponge

If you are tired of your concealer leaving creases and ruining your makeup, this tip is for you. Makeup sponges are helpful for many things, and one of them is to avoid creases when applying concealer, and here is how to do it.

Use your finger to apply concealer like you usually do. Then take the pointed tip of your makeup sponge to even out creases and finger marks. Using the tip also makes it easier to apply concealer on difficult areas such as the inner eye.

3. Use Cream Products Before Applying Powder

The powder keeps your makeup in place and prevents your face from looking extra oily. However, if we are to believe experts and makeup artist courses, one must apply products in a particular order to get flawless makeup. In that order, cream-based products come first, and then you use the powder ones.

So, apply all your cream-based products like foundation or contour and use powder to set your makeup in place. Also, to avoid lines and squishes, gently apply the powder on your face and make swirls with the brush. At last, use downward strokes to even it all out.

4. Dramatize Only One Feature

When going for an intense look, one may find it tempting to pull off a strong lip and eye makeup simultaneously. But expert party makeup artists reveal it is not always the right choice, especially if you are going to don a heel and a dress that needs regular adjusting.

So, pick either the lips or the eyes. When going for smoky eyes, wear neutral lipstick and when planning to use bold lipstick, use restrained eyeliner to keep your eye makeup simple.

To Conclude

These were our top 4 tips from party makeup experts for days when you plan to turn heads with an intense look. If you want to be an expert makeup artist and ace your makeup game, check out PearlXStudio’s Fashion and Celebrity Course. It is an 11-month makeup artist course covering  everything from fashion and media makeup and hair to character and special effects. Enrol today and open doors to a sea of opportunities.

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