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What Are the Latest Marketing Trends You Should Consider?

What Are the Latest Marketing Trends You Should Consider?

The Marketing Trends of 2022

After months of the business-crippling lockdown, India’s marketing ecosystem is not wasting time preparing for the future. Several occurrences occurred in the ecosystem, from brands delivering hopes with every advertisement to those who swallowed their pride and sought help. Brands took a step back to repurpose, re-strategize, and prioritize consumer interest, creating more enhanced consumer experiences. Some brands have expanded their digital presence by following their consumers’ great digital migration.

Now more than ever, businesses need to be aware of the changing market trends and design a system of using these trends to their advantage. There is also no denying that there are brands that are yet to come to terms with the digital renaissance that is going on. While several factors are responsible for this, the consequences are glaring for all to see.

Indian brands from different sectors have found a new appreciation for life and re-evaluated perspectives toward marketing. Below are some of the marketing trends these brands expect to see in 2022 that you should watch out for.

Everything from Home

Although the pandemic has eased up, there’s a high chance that we will get used to doing everything from home. Your home will likely be the center of all consumption, including the private, social, and professional moments. Whatever communication concerning consumption occasions is likely to be centered around the home rather than the latest recreational places. The time spent at home will increase the time spent on social media and associated social commerce.

Additionally, there’s a good chance that social and private time at home will increase the rise of fantasy sports, gaming, and gambling. 2022 will likely see a rise in conversational commerce, content, chat, shopping, and the introduction of more ipl betting apps in India. More online gaming platforms are also expected to spring up, allowing people to play different games from the comfort of their homes. It is projected that many individuals with innovative ideas will be able to start and sustain a business virtually; that means you may not need a physical setting to run a business.

Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainability and climate change have dominated brands, consumers, and political conversations across the western world. But, while it is becoming more prominent, it’ll unlikely be an essential buyer value for Indian consumers this year. For example, what consumer will buy an environmentally-friendly dress that’s 800 rupees more expensive than a less-environmentally-friendly identical dress?

Study shows that eighty percent of Indian consumers choose economical alternatives over sustainability, even if they believe in its importance. The primary reason for this is that people are interested in living within their means and do not understand or appreciate sustainability.

Meanwhile, environmental sustainability doesn’t necessarily imply that goods are more expensive. Still, a study like the one above helps determine its importance as a buyer value and can inform policies in the short and long term.

Video Trends

Social media has transitioned from status updates to short video posts, thanks to TikTok and the like. Although TikTok has been banned in India, the country was trending as the second-largest TikTok-using country. Soon enough, other media owners followed the trend; for example, YouTube launched “Shorts,” and Instagram launched its “Reels.” New apps have also come into play, like Chingari, Hosh, and Moj.

Short videos will undoubtedly be a significant trend in India in 2022, and they will go up the popularity scale. The increase won’t only be among the young and the old; we can’t undervalue their power, especially where business is concerned. As a business owner, there is no better time to start considering the prospect of this trend as a marketing strategy for your trade than now.

Voice Search Technology

In recent years, voice search has been prominent as how we search for things online changes. Statistics show that older people use voice search at least once a day. Many find voice search easier than typing our query in Google’s search box. We’re already seeing the adoption of voice search on several search platforms, including e-commerce.

We should see some impressive innovations this year 2022 on the e-commerce platform. Voice search technology is advancing in growth as connected smart devices feature voice-enabled features. Furthermore, the possibility of adding one’s preferred language makes searching for local news easier. We should also expect enhanced monetization opportunities on the platform.


These are only a few of the data-driven marketing trends in India; it’s the beginning of a new era for companies and their consumers. 2022 will be an important year that’ll see the actualization of many profound technological projects. 2022 will be a year of impressive innovations, including social commerce, personalization and customization, and more. The above-listed trends will likely increase, while cryptocurrency and NFTs will probably take three years before they are entirely mainstream.

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