7 Awesome Promotional Videos Types for Business Success

Promotional Videos: In the present era, marketing without videos is next to impossible. Almost every organization is creating video content to attract, engage and delight visitors. Videos not only make your promotional activities more effective but also help in saving a lot of bucks. Yes! Video marketing is one of the cost-efficient yet productive ways for business success.

Say if you have not tried promoting your products or services through videos, then you are probably at the risk of falling behind your competitors. To build your brand authority for a lifetime, you cannot miss adding videos to your marketing strategy.

Well! There are various types of videos that help businesses to promote in a much effective and professional way. By promoting the right video type at the right time on the right platform, you will notice a considerable change in the conversion rate.

So, let’s dive into different types of promotional videos to keep your business stand out from the crowd without wasting more time.

7 Different Videos Types for Better Promotions

Let’s get started…..

Explainer Videos

One of the most common, productive, and easy to create video types is an explainer video. If you want to describe a complex concept in an easy way, then explainer videos can help you bring ideas to life much effectively.

There are around 64% of the business owners who say explainer videos help them boost sales. It owns the potential to be more shareable and emotional. The best part is it offers different types of animated explainer video styles that will help you tell the world about your brand. It includes 2D animation video, whiteboard animation video, kinetic typography video, line art animation video, character animation video, etc. No matter which explainer video type you choose, promoting it at the right time will help you connect with a wider audience and make a hard sell. You can reach an even wider audience if you translate your videos. You’re likely to have an international audience, so offering videos in their native language will certainly benefit them. Using an online video translator is an easy way to accomplish this task.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are another type of video style in which customer reviews are showcased in a better way to sell your success. It not only increases the brand authenticity but also helps your gain authority.

With these videos’ help, you can express client views in a better way and make people believe that you can be a trusted service provider. Moreover, you can better sell and entice more audiences and build strong relations.

Remember, the more people feel connected with your brand, the higher their chances of making a purchase. Thus, prove to your audience that they will get the best of the best services by sharing appealing testimonial videos on social channels.

Tutorial Videos

If you want to better train and teach the audience over the web, then there is no better way than tutorial videos. You can also call tutorial videos as instructional videos as it will help you explain ideas to the audience in an appealing and precise way.

It works really well when you want to give practical examples along with the content. Through this video type, you can provide step-by-step instructions that will further help the audience to perform the same task without any hassle.

It is not only easy to understand but also is highly engaging, conversational, and cost-effective. If you want to be a perfect tutor, you can utilize tutorial videos for better results.

Behind the Scene Videos

Do you want to sell your craftsmanship more productively? Want to generate customer’s trust by justifying their purchases? If yes, then behind the scene videos can help you hit the targets.

Whenever you create some product or strategize the things to give the best services, only you and your team know how much effort it took to reach the targets. If you want to ensure that your customers also have an idea about the same, and realize your efforts, then you can produce behind-the-scenes videos.

It will take you back to your working days and help you justify all the efforts that you and your team members put in to make it happen.

Product Demo Videos

Another video type that will help you demonstrate your product and offer a better understanding of your prospects can you use product demo videos. Through this video, you can explain your product in a deep and engaging way. It is highly entertaining and improves in-person engagement.

Through product demo videos, you can attract, explain, and support to offer complete satisfaction to the clients. If you want to boost sales and maximize your product ROI, you can promote product demo videos for excellent results.

Company culture videos

Company culture videos are another good way to reach a new audience and boost brand awareness. Through company culture videos, you can tell the audience what your brand stands for in more fun and creative ways.

In this video, make sure you focus on why your audience should choose your company over others. By highlighting the points, you can easily tell the audience about your brand and keep them hooked. So, what are you waiting for? Start advertising your company culture through excellent videos.

Webinars & Recorded Videos

Last but not least, the video type that will help you promote your business easily is through webinars or via recorded video. Many companies consider webinars as a marketing event, but if done accurately, then you can easily generate a lead.

Furthermore, recorded videos are not only for sharing on social media; you can also embed those videos in your blog post to make them more educational and appealing. So, make sure you design your webinars and record videos in a much professional and effective manner.

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Final Verdict

Indeed, video is a smart marketing investment. But you will get proven results only when you promote your services and products by the right video type. By sharing the right video content that fits your vision, you can easily escalate the response rate and hit your targets.

Hopefully, all the information added above will help you select the right video type for your brand. Still, if you are in trouble and don’t know which video type is best for your business, you can share your problems in the comments below.

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