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What are the user of Personas?- 3 Users of personas

Outdoor Marketing - All Marketing Tips - May 2, 2024

The user of personas are representations of our target customers. Creating user personas involves researching. And we were outlining our ideal customer’s…

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Contact points and touchpoints

What are Contact Points and Touchpoints? – Importance, Use

Outdoor Marketing - All Marketing Tips - April 3, 2024

Contact points and touchpoints are the times when consumers encounter our brand during the consumer journey. And contact points and touchpoints it…

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important factors that influence buying decision

What are the Important Factors that Influence Buying Decision? – 7 Factors

Outdoor Marketing - All Marketing Tips - April 2, 2024

The factors that influence the buying decision to contact it discovery influencing customers buying decisions, ISN, ISN Global solutions, sales support services,…

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content marketing in 2017

What Predictions for Content Marketing in 2024? – Definition, 6 Predictions

Outdoor Marketing - All Marketing Tips - March 30, 2024

Content Marketing in 2024 Definition Content marketing in 2017 is a boundless promotional tool for businesses, and it becomes one of the…

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live experience

What is the live experience? – Definition, Benefits of the Live Experience Strategies

Outdoor Marketing - All Marketing Tips - March 29, 2024

Live experience Definition Live experience content production on the internet does not stop. And brands, journalists, entertainers. And others fight the attention…

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How Social Activities Increase Employee Engagement? – Six Examples

Outdoor Marketing - All Marketing Tips - March 28, 2024

We probably heard the expression work hard, play hard. If we want to mobilize our employees to help them reach the full…

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purpose-driven content marketing

What is Purpose-driven Content Marketing? – Definition, Benefits, Organizes

Outdoor Marketing - All Marketing Tips - March 28, 2024

Purpose-driven Content Marketing Definition Purpose-driven content marketing means the business and brand bond with the target audience. And it bases on the…

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real-time marketing

What is the Real-Time Marketing? – Definition, 3 Real-Time Marketing Tactics for the B2B Marketers

Outdoor Marketing - All Marketing Tips - March 28, 2024

Real-Time Marketing Definition Real-Time marketing is the marketing complete in real-time. And marketing land defines it as The Real-time marketing or ‘RTM’…

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