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How Social Activities Increase Employee Engagement? – Six Examples
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How Social Activities Increase Employee Engagement? – Six Examples

We probably heard the expression work hard, play hard. If we want to mobilize our employees to help them reach the full potential, we need to put this corporate philosophy into practice.

After all, the extra fun our employees take at work, the more dedicated they determination the tasks and goals.

Here are six examples of social activities that we can put into place to improve team spirit, the work environment, and employees’ output.

1. Foster Communication

  • Whether in person and through internal communication tools such as Encourage, our employees need to feel free to communicate with each other.
  • And open office workspaces are used to foster communication between employees if our offices are not configured this way.
  • We can turn the few meeting rooms into co-working spaces. And the common area and lounge can also help our company’s social dynamic.

2. Create the Social Committee

  • Suppose we must already create a committee in charge of organizing social activities.
  • Note, however, that the committee must make up employees who are not part of management. They in the best position to understand our needs in this matter.

3. Celebrate the Small Victories

  • Everyone agrees that it’s essential to celebrate momentous victories—the new acquisition and new client, exceptional sales revenues, etc.
  • But what about the small accomplishments that it often overlooked? Each milestone must highlight in an unusual way to keep our team motivated. For instance, why not offer our team a drink at 4 p.m.
  • On Friday afternoons it marks the start of the weekend? By celebrating the small victories, we contribute to creates a culture of recognition that conducive to success.

4. Highlight Birthdays

  • If our company takes hundreds of employees, birthday celebrations can quickly turn into a daily occurrence. In that case, think of organizing the monthly activity where we highlight the past month’s birthdays.
  • Some companies even allow their employees to take the day off on their birthday what’s essential to find a creative and personalized way to make every employee feel special.

5. Organize Sports Activities

  • The well-known fact physical activity makes people feel better. Allow our employees to fit exercise sessions around their work schedules.
  • And we soon see tangible results. Shower facilities at work were becoming increasingly popular and appreciated by employees.
  • If this option is unfeasible in the short-term, you can organize yoga sessions at lunch or provide short training sessions during work hours.
  • It’s as simple as motivating your employees to do ten squats and ten push-ups during their morning break.

6. Mobilize our Employees Around the Good Cause

  • Just like exercise, volunteering can help our employees feel better. It reinforces self-confidence and helps them feel satisfied.
  • We can assess our employees’ level of interest to find a cause they care about and give them the day off so they can rally around this common cause.

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