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What is Brand Publishing? – Definition, 4 Benefits of Brand Publishing, and More

What is Brand Publishing? – Definition, 4 Benefits of Brand Publishing, and More

Brand Publishing Definition

Basically, brand publishing is the reader-first approach to content marketing. It’s what happens brands stop thinking like marketers and start thinking like media companies.

They also create content to add value, build trust. And again, develop a community — not necessarily to drive sales.

Instead of merely managing a blog, brands build teams and processes that see their marketing department operate more like a newsroom.

As a media company, these teams work to create print magazines, run independent websites, record podcasts, and shoot documentaries.

The medium will vary, but all of these teams share the big-picture objective of adding long-term value to a highly targeted audience.

The tractor company mainstays the perfect embodiment of the trend. These guys are right OGs of content marketing, creating branded content long before the concept existed.

They printed the first edition of the magazine The Channel in 1895. It still exists today, reaching extra than two million farmers around the world.

What are the benefits of Brand Publishing?

1. Build a community

  • A media property gives the ability to unite people around shares interests. Its community includes the target customers, and other industry thought leaders with unique perspectives.
  • As the community grows over time and we get credit as the central hub that brought everyone together.

2. Be top of mind

  • The goal of developing a media property is to become the go-to resource for your industry.
  • By creating content that aims to educate and drive conversations forward, your brand becomes top of mind as an industry thought leader.

3. Share market Insights

  • Firstly, the media site grows, and the community becomes more engaged, you enjoy an endless stream of quantitative and qualitative data from your target customers.
  • Secondly, from the comments they make to the user analytics you collect.
  • Lastly, a media site is a goldmine for insights to inform your product development and positioning.

4. Gain networking opportunities

  • Firstly, it possesses the media site that lets you network with key players in your industry uniquely. Instead of approaching them and asking for a favor, you can begin a conversation by offering the audience exposure.
  • Secondly, a well-leveraged media property is the ultimate networking tool. Its editorial content aims to provide farmers with an accurate, unbiased source of information.
  • Lastly, also, it covers anything, and everything farmers might want to know to improve their operations and become more successful.

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