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What are Content Marketing Guidelines? – Definition, Make, and More

What are Content Marketing Guidelines? – Definition, Make, and More

Definition of Content Marketing Guidelines

Content Marketing Guidelines the set of instructions indicating tone, voice, length, style and topics on how our brand must communicate to our target audience.

Let’s go into why we need to make this document, even if we are a smaller business, and how to do it.

Why Make Content Marketing Guidelines?

  • Every writer hires to make content for our company the extension of our company’s voice.
  • In the small business, one and two writers may churn out enough content with a combined tone to make the reader feel like it all came from the same source.
  • But this breaks down if we increase the number of channels or the amount of content production that our writing team or agency can handle.
  • The more writers or channels that we add to your content marketing, the more diluted or confused our voice able our readers. It can weaken our content marketing and can even damage our brand.
  • And content marketing guidelines give our writers the set of expectations of how the company wants to present itself on every channel.
  • We can think of them almost like metrics for each piece if they don’t conform to the guidelines. And we can throw it back to the writer for edits and get a different writer if they can’t confirm.
  • The set of guidelines also makes it easy to communicate changes in strategy to our writers.
  • Suppose new research shows that we need to change our marketing personas. And reach our audience through the different channels, and a simple update of the guidelines gives writers what they need.
  • Also, must the writer take questions and suggestions to make our content stronger, they can use the guidelines as the reference point for talking with their superiors.
  • Not every marketer strong writer, so there something that’s remains missed.

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