What is Content Syndication? – Definition, Best Performs

Definition of Content Syndication

Content syndication is the method of republishing existing content on other websites to reach a broader audience.

However, we focus on text-based content in this discussion of how content syndication affects SEO.

Any digital content can syndicate, including infographics and videos, according to Search Engine Journal.

And syndicate content may involve content published in its entirety, articles edited and shortened, or excerpts of the article.

Content syndication benefits both parties: the website where its Syndicate gets fresh content.

And while the person brand behind the original content gets exposure to the new audience.

All that said, it did not include the best strategy to gain referral traffic.

It outranks our original article. But before drawing the hasty conclusion about content syndication.

Let’s take the extra profound look at the implications of it for SEO.

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What Content Syndication Best Performs?

  • Now that we understand the answer to the question, “What is it ?” and its potential impact on SEO.

1. Do not Give the Other Website All the (SEO) Credit

  • As mention, one significant SEO risk with content syndication is the possibility that another website rank higher and credit for our work.
  • To mend this, Elegant Themes suggests taking the agreement with the website.
  • We can also incorporate the No Index tag it prevents syndicated content from being indexed, it begins.

2. Find the Right Publishing Partner

  • If we are the author looking for a larger audience, the essential first step is to find the ideal outlet to publish our content.
  • And theme Circle offers a sortable list of over 5000+ outlets looking for guest blog posts.
  • And make sure that we are transparent in our pitch that we are specifically looking for it partnership.
  • Keep our expectations in line: if we are the new brand, expect to start small and build our way up the ranks.

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