Tips And Tools to Help you Create SEO-Friendly Content

Tips And Tools to Help you Create SEO-Friendly Content – Creating content and articles has its challenges along the way, in which you have to curate it to ensure that your writing is in the best quality while also making sure it is SEO-friendly. However, putting the time and effort into curating your content will help secure it to become searchable and enjoyable to the readers.

Essentially, SEO-friendly means that we want the content created to be up in the higher ranks in the search engines. By including backlinks and also authority links, your content will be more accessible and easier for the users to find and connect with your posts.

Even so, there are steps in creating SEO-friendly content where you have to put thoughts into the process to make it work. Tools are also developed to help speed up the process without jeopardizing the quality of your content, as it is more like an assistant. Well, here are some tips and tools that we recommend you check to optimise SEO in your content!

6 Tips on Making Your Content SEO-Friendly

1. Research Your Keyword

Finding the right keywords to incorporate in your topic will help strengthen your ranking in the search results, giving you a higher chance of getting better user engagement. Try to identify a target of what you want your keyword to aim at, which can be based on the service or content you are offering. As specific keywords are sometimes overused, they can be competitive to use across organic or paid searches.

So, set your search-intent when researching your keywords to ensure that you understand what to create and to match your competitors. You can also sometimes be specific with your research and write long-tail keywords as different audiences want to be more specific with their searches, in which there could be a possibility yours will show up.

2. Heading Hierarchy

A structured heading will make it easier for the readers to go through your entire content without being confused. In addition, it will ensure your audience grasps what you are talking about or describing. For example, your content title should be the only one with a Heading 1, while the main and subsections will be Heading 2 and Heading 3, respectively. By sectioning your content, the answers that the readers want to find our more prominent and not jumbled up into one big section that could help them stay on the page and understand your posts.

3. Construct Your Content

It is self-explanatory that your content is important to get the user’s attention, but while you can write anything, sometimes you can experience a bump in the road. As creating high-quality content is one of the keys to getting people to read and engage with your posts, your writing should be informative yet entertaining so they would not doze off or be uninterested in reading the whole thing.

It is also better to break down your paragraphs into smaller sections as quality over quantity is great for your contact, making it compact with information. You can lay out a draft to have a vision of how you will go about your writing, and tools are available to ease up your writing process, which is a lifesaver, especially for SEO-friendly content.

4. Add Links to Previous Content

To give your previous content some spotlight, inserting links from your old posts will provide the readers with more insight so they can stay informed and know more than their initial search. Moreover, it optimises your content and makes your blog’s traffic run. In addition, adding an authority link will also increase your search engines, making your content more relevant. However, ensure you are not spamming your content with too much external or internal links, as it could put people off and not want to read your post.

5. Optimise Image in Your Content

Implementing images in your content gives a visual aid for readers to understand the points you are trying to come across. It also makes your content look more interesting and not just filled with words which could get dull over time. However, optimising the size image and ensuring the file is not too big can slow down your SEO. So, find suitable image sizes in your content that still have great quality and are visible to your readers.

6. Optimise for Smartphones

Nowadays, everyone is using their phones for everything and optimising your content or blog with smartphones will help drive traffic from any device. Designing a layout suitable for your smartphones will help you be listed higher as mobile-friendly websites will rise higher. Check to see if your blog is responsive so that it is accessible to users and easy for them to read your content.

4 SEO-Friendly Tools to Use for Your Content

1. CoSchedule

If you want your blog or content title to be catchy or actually readable, then CoSchedule will help to ensure that it is suitable for you to use it. This tool helps make your title sound catchy while still optimising SEO, which could generate good results and grab the audience’s attention. It also gives you analysis and reasoning, which provides you with a choice to discern your title and whether it is suitable for your content or not.

2. Grammarly

After deciding the topic you want to focus on, you can start writing on your best laptop and make sure it is engaging and good quality. However, while you may think that your work is set, you could overlook some mistakes. In this case, Grammarly offers help in seeking errors such as grammar, punctuation, proofreading and sentence structure of your writing.

It highlights any corrections and gives suggestions so you can have better insight on what deserves to be corrected, which is totally up to you. In addition, you can change the goals on what type of content you are writing for more suitable suggestions.

3. Keyword Density Checker

While using many keywords will help you rank higher, it can be considered spammy as it is not balanced or organic for the search engines and audience. Keyword Density Checker allows you to identify how frequently you used a particular keyword so you would be aware of lessening it and avoiding it from becoming an issue in your content.

4. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a great tool when you want to run through your content and see if it is suitable for SEO optimisation. The easier it is to read your content, the more frequently people will share, which helps raise your SEO ranking. It is also a writing tool that helps make your sentences more precise and direct so readers will have a smooth read. Plus, it also informs you if a sentence is long and hard to read, which you can edit to make it more concise.

By following these tips and incorporating the tools we recommend, your writing process will become more efficient along the way. As a result, the content you put out will become much higher in quality and SEO-friendly, making your search engine results more successful. We hope you learn and gain knowledge regarding optimising SEO in your content and try putting it to use!

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