Fun Ways To Kick Off Spring With Your Corporate Team

Fun Ways To Kick Off Spring With Your Corporate Team

Team building activities have a variety of benefits in the corporate sphere. Excursions help team members free their minds to tackle problems in new ways. They also promote bonding, stronger communication and company loyalty. Lastly, a fun excursion can help your team members feel appreciated throughout the year. If you usually plan the same sorts of activities and parties to motivate your team, switch up your strategy this spring. Outdoor activities and a corporate yacht charter are exciting changes of pace.

Spring Whale Watching

One common pitfall of corporate team activities is making them all about work. Endless table discussions on strategy become tedious no matter how many donuts or pizza varieties you may provide. It’s important to plan retreats and activities your team members can get excited about as a break from the usual grind. Whale watching is the perfect activity to refresh a corporate team for spring.

In San Diego, the annual gray whale migration occurs from December through April. This is the best time to see whales up close on a chartered whale watching tour. Majestic gray whales can grow to 50 feet long and weigh over 90,000 pounds. Viewing these creatures firsthand is an unforgettable experience that’s sure to win points with your team members.

Cocktail Hour at Sea

Did your corporate team hit or exceed their targets last year? If so, a rewarding celebration may be in order. Taking the team to a bar to celebrate may pose a problem for any members who choose to refrain from drinking alcohol. A perfect alternative is to charter a corporate cocktail tour in San Diego.

A chartered cocktail tour provides first-class drinks, food and service as well as a full sailing crew. Enjoy a cocktail party at sea with views of the gorgeous San Diego skyline. Team members who don’t drink can still enjoy the food and atmosphere. Post pictures from a corporate cocktail hour event on the company’s social media pages to provide an extra boost to the year’s recruitment efforts.

Team Building With a Twist

Too often, team building activities on corporate retreats end up feeling like a chore. the key to a successful team building event is to foster a genuine sense of fun and relaxation among your team. Otherwise, you may as well be running a work training seminar.

How do you team build in a genuinely fun way? One strategy is to take the activities outdoors. Team building activities San Diego benefit from a gorgeous natural climate year-round. Sunlight and natural beauty set the proper tone for a positive team building event.

Go the extra mile by setting the activities on the open seas, as well. Whale watching and other communal activities help team members bond in a natural and enjoyable way.

A corporate event in spring can be the boost you need to start off the year strong. Avoid repeating the activities or atmosphere of holiday parties by taking a fresh perspective. A chartered boat tour is a thrilling way to help your corporate team bond this year.

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