How CBD Oil For Pets Works

CBD oil is one of the several substances that can be derived from cannabidiol which in itself is extracted from hemp. Other substances that may be found in it include terpenes, flavonoids, essential oils, vitamins and minerals. It comes with many health benefits and it is beneficial to humans and animals as well.

Most consumable CBD is extracted from hemp than from marijuana. Hemp is preferred because it contains little to no THC content whereas, marijuana has a higher content of the substance. It is this THC that is present in cannabis that contains its psychoactive characteristics.

This means that you should be careful when buying any CBD products. As much as possible, ascertain its origins and also ensure it does not contain more than 0.3% of THC. This is the legal limit of the substance allowed. Asides from CBD oil, common cannabidiol products are pills, capsules, balms, rubs, chews, sprays, etc.

Each of these products may be used in various ways and this is usually based on the type of product used. Methods of taking cannabidiol include sublingually, topically, inhalation, or ingestion. You may read further about cannabidiol here.

CBD oil is mostly used by the sublingual method. This is done by putting two to three drops of the substance underneath the tongue. It is one of the best ways of using cannabidiol. It is fast and effective and ensures that all the full benefits are derived from the substance.

CBD Oil and Your Pet

Humans thrive on companionship and connections to people, animals and even to abstract and none abstract things. That longing for friendship and intimacy lead humans to have family and friends. An important part of all these are pets.

Pets are some of the friendliest and most loyal beings you can have. They help to provide companionship in many ways and asides from being cute, they are loving and caring in their way. They can help provide pleasure and entertainment and may be useful as exercise or walk buddies.

There are various types of pets available and this can include rabbits, snakes, hamsters, guinea pigs, and horses. However, the most common pets are dogs and cats. Pets are meant to pleasure their owners, provide entertainment and companionship and in return, their owner takes care of them.

A pet parent can take care of their pet by providing for them, feeding them and ensuring that they are healthy always. Ensuring that they are healthy includes providing a clean environment for them devoid of diseases. It also involves taking them to visit the vet for regular checkups and whenever they are sick.

Additionally, pet parents can administer medications like CBD oil to help their pet stay healthy and strong or to recover from an illness. Cannabidiol is beneficial to your animal in several ways. Asides from been able to maintain their wellbeing, it can as well be used to provide relief from ailments such as:

How CBD Oil Works

Mammals are a group of animals with mammary glands that bear their young ones live and nourish them with breast milk. These include humans as well as animals that have these characteristics. The exception to this are monotremes which instead of birthing their young ones live, lay eggs.

Most pets are mammals. They are typically intelligent creatures and in every one of them is a system that helps to regulate their daily activities. This system is called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is in charge of activities such as sleeping, eating, walking and so on. It also regulates emotions and controls various body systems like the immune system, central nervous system and cardiovascular system.

To carry out its work, the ECS requires certain substances and these are naturally produced inside the ECS. Some of these substances are natural cannabinoids. Also, the ECS contains cannabinoid receptors that help to transport cannabinoids to cells.

These receptors are quite sensitive and can detect when any cannabinoid is used. Moreover, when the ECS cannot produce the natural cannabinoids it requires, external cannabinoids such as cannabidiol can be used. The receptors in the ECS cannot differentiate if it’s the natural ones produced inside the ECS or one that is administered externally.

In any case, they take this up and transports it to the cells. The ECS can then keep functioning as it should and this is what matter which makes CBD oils a very effective medication.

Safety and Dosage of CBD Oil For Pets

Cannabidiol is generally safe for use for humans as well as animals. It has little to no side effects. Side effects are often due to first-time use or using poor quality products.

When using it for the first time, symptoms like lethargy, dry mouth, loss of appetite, drowsiness and so on may These symptoms typically disappear within a short time. If they do not, it is most likely due to being a low-quality product and you should stop its use.

You should administer cannabidiol to your pet based on its age, size, weight and the type of ailment you are treating. Most suppliers of the product will provide you with dosing guidelines and you can always find dosing guidelines, charts and calculators online. You can check this Pethempcompany’s webpage to learn more about all these.


It is your responsibility as a pet parent to ensure that they stay healthy. You need to care for them and administer medications such as CBD oil daily to ensure this. Also, you must make sure to buy products from trustworthy sellers to avoid bringing harm to your pet.

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