What is the Implementation Schedule?- Definition, Three Phases of Implementation Schedule, and More

Implementation Schedule Definition

Implementation schedule a framework of Activities to implements over three to five years it’s period.

Also, the overall calendar that schedules implementation of the Activities developers. Also, the Implementation Schedule calendar will help to monitor the state of implementation of the Roadmap.

What are the Three Phases of the Implementation Schedule?

For this Implementation Schedule, Activities are divides into three phases:

1. Start-up phase

  • It depends on each country, and this phase does not require more than one year. During it phase, the Governance Structure needs to establish.
  • For instance, the lead agencies that will implement each Activity appoints and workgroups to manage the different project forms.
  • It is essential to include Activities that focus on stakeholder engagement, communication, and collaboration into this phase.
  • It also ensures that all trade facilitation stakeholders understand the Roadmap Activities’ common objectives and scope for project. Moreover, in some cases, are quick-win Activities are already implemented in the start-up phase.
  • The start-up phases also include any Activities that aim to develop detailed project plans to implement long-term projects in the delivery phase.

2. Delivery phase

  • The Delivery Phase is the most extended phase of the implementation of the Roadmap. It includes the transfer of all activities that need realize over one to four years.
  • The transfer stage-wise monitored. Performances ensure that the country is on the right track to achieve the identified purposes.

3. Review phase

  • It phases at 1) Evaluating whether the Roadmap goals achieve it referring to the Goal Performance Indicators, and 2) Drafting the new Roadmap for the three to five years to come. Ideally, the Review Phase starts between six and 12 months before closing the Roadmap.and 3) Social Media Intelligence Write for Us

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