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IT Service Desk: Managing requests in HR, Finance, Marketing, and many other internal and external customer departments can consume an excessive amount of time and resources. Dealing with incoming requests places a significant burden on staff and prevents them from engaging in higher value-added activities that can help move the business forward.

Are you facing an increasing number of requests for Manage IT requests It’s time to establish a more efficient help desk management workflow. By implementing IT help desk best practices enabled by an effective platform such as SolarWinds® Web Help Desk® (WHD), you can improve customer service and satisfaction, reduce time to resolution, and even reduce operating costs.

Efficient IT support procedures are essential for changing customer behavior and implementing a more efficient workflow through centralized recording of service requests and a service request web portal such as SolarWinds Web Help Desk . Routing requests through a single streamlined platform is easier for technicians and end users, as an established help desk ticket management system provides clear instructions and improved visibility. A built-in knowledge base feature can even help customers troubleshoot issues on their own without creating a ticket.

In many environments, help desk technicians without an established IT service request system can be faced with a disorganized flood of questions. End users who are desperate need of help can log service requests through a variety of channels including email, phone, chat, and social media. They can even choose to raise the issue in person.

Additionally, the WHD platform is designed to automatically convert incoming email service requests into easy-to-use support tickets. In addition, the Web Help Desk offers dynamic input fields that you can customize according to your needs to ensure that users always provide critical information in advance.

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