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What is Lifecycle Marketing? – Marketing Lifecycle, Phases, and More

What is Lifecycle Marketing? – Marketing Lifecycle, Phases, and More

The lifecycle Marketing, we touched on what lifecycle marketing is; however, there’s so much more to it.

And also lifecycle marketing helps marketers guide potential customers through specific milestones in the sales funnel and brand relationship.

What is the Marketing Lifecycle?

  • In short, the marketing life cycle design helps marketers address the audience’s specific needs.
  • As they from the prospect to the subscriber through to the loyal customer. Of course, the cycle isn’t that simple—while we wish it went that smoothly.
  • Also the marketing life cycle also must include the indecisive customer, lapsed customers, repeat customers, and more.
  • And also its lifecycle marketing model shows us just how complicated the cycle can remain. And especially once we take aligned it to our many marketing channels.

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What Phases of the Customer Lifecycle Journey?

  • As intimidating as that model may look, that’s the reality of taking the business with multiple channels to it.
  • We all want to begin by addressing the most common stages of the customer life cycle journey for those starting small.
  • And then align it to our brand’s marketing goals. The typical stages of the customer lifecycle journey look a little something like this.
  • Each stage is the essential piece of the lifecycle marketing process. So taking a basic understanding of each is crucial.
  • Brand awareness – our prospect first learns of our brand and products/services.
  • And also brand engagement – our prospect begins interacting with our brand, possibly through subscribing to our email list.
  • And customer evaluation of the brand – Prospects will evaluate what we take to offer them and decide if it’s worth making the conversion.
  • Also, customer purchase – After the evaluation process, they’ll hopefully choose to make the purchase.

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