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Mozilla partners with researchers at Princeton University to enable collaborative science for the public good, collaborating with research groups at Princeton and Stanford on future studies.

Your data is valuable. But for far too long online services have been stealing, exchanging and exploiting your data without your knowledge. Privacy breaches and filter bubbles are all consequences of a surveillance data economy.

What Is Mozilla Rally Engadget?

Mozilla Rally is an optional data contribution platform that shines with transparency at Big Tech. As you join, you put your data to work and help us and our research partners deal with ethical AI, privacy online, algorithmic prejudice, discrimination and disinformation. Our joint work creates tools, resources and policies to promote consent, trust and transparency on the Internet.

Mozilla was founded in 1998 as an open-source community project, and while the past twenty years have changed how we use the Internet, they haven’t changed our values. We are responsible for ensuring that the things we have created are used as a force for good. Still not convinced?

Mozilla Rally Engadget Review

At this point in Internet history, most of us have come to terms with the fact that accessing the Web means giving away information about ourselves every time we visit a website. Mozilla believes we can do better, so it’s launching Rally, a data-sharing platform and plug-in that the company utters is the first of its kind in the browser space.

With Rally, Mozilla hopes to fight for a fair data market, “one where all parties are treated fairly” and “where people understand the value of their data.”

Rally will allow you to share your browsing data with computer scientists and sociologists who study the Web. From the start, they will be a unique study from Princeton University that seeks to understand how people find, consume and share news about politics and covid-19. Later, Stanford University’s Beyond the Paywall will examine the economics needed for a more sustainable news landscape.

Mozilla Rally Engadget Download Free

Mozilla Rally is a disclosure tool that seeks to correct the imbalance of information created by technology platforms at the expense of the public.

Create an Account and Download the Browser Extension

You can download the Mozilla Rally browser extension on both Chrome and Firefox. We will ask you to provide optional demographic information. This information helps us understand the composition and representativeness of the rally community. How much you disclose is up to you, and we will always ask for your permission before sharing any information with a research collaborator.

Activate Your Data Contribution

To contribute to Mozilla Rally, you must activate your data contribution. Our researchers have unique data needs and specific goals. We promise transparency about who we work with, what data is collected, where it is sent and how it is used. Once you’re registered, Rally will do her thing until you tell her to stop.

Stay In Control and Up to Date

Use Rally however you want. You can update your settings, join or leave the studies, or even opt out entirely. No hard feelings – participation is completely up to you. We never collect anything without your consent.

Mozilla Rally Princeton Bonifacic Engadget

Recently published in Mozilla, maker of the Firefox browser, “Take control of your data with Rally, a pioneering data sharing platform that puts privacy first”, explains how Mozilla worked with research groups at Princeton and Stanford “to enable collaborative science for the public good”. .”

This new online platform, Mozilla Rally, allows Firefox users to donate their data for the public good.

The Princeton team’s first Rally research project, “COVID-19 and Political News,” focused on “how web users find, consume, and share COVID-19 and political news online.” More studies from Mayer and his team covering the topic of misinformation and privacy are coming soon.


When joining Mozilla Rally, you’ll be asked optional demographic, similar, and census questions. This information helps us understand the representativeness and diversity of our users. Your profile allows show us where we need to expand our panel. In some cases, research partners may request access to this data for similar purposes, but we will always seek your consent before sharing anything.

Mozilla says it tactics to bring Rally to other browsers and countries. At the same time, we wouldn’t discount the company, as it has historically impacted other players in the space. For example, when Apple introduced its anti-tracking policy in 2019, the company cited similar rules from Mozilla as inspiration.

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