What are the Predictions for Content Marketing in 2015? – Five brand new Content Marketing Predictions for 2016

Predictions for Content Marketing in 2015 a lot of the trends it touched upon did come to pass. And what even more exciting that patterns are now dovetailing in exciting directions.

Also, over the year, we noticed completely new movements beginning to materialize. And instead of highlighting what came to pass from last year’s post.

We want to begin this year and looking ahead towards the year to come. And outlining five brand new content marketing predictions for 2016.

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What are the five Brand new Content Marketing Predictions for 2016?

Prediction 1: Google+ Will Not Survive

  • Google+ is something of the question mark since its exciting introduction over four years ago.
  • A big ambitious project by a company ultimately qualified the ambitious not slammed out.
  • Although Google+ certainly its vocal advocates and its overall user base is vanishing quickly and shows no signs of rebounding.
  • A few weeks ago, the Google+ team announced a total redesign to revitalize the product.
  • While it “pivot” might give fans hope, the new set of skin and pared-down feature set is on Google’s part and is too little too late.
  • The first sign of death for Google+ was flagging membership and activity.
  • However, and “dis-integration” of Google+ from Google’s other projects that occur earlier this year.
  • Its hangouts and Photos are gets spun off as the products tell the platform’s demise’s future outcome.
  • The dismembered pieces of Google+ are soon distributed throughout Google’s product line as the dream of a “fully integrated Google experience” dies a slow, painful death.
  • We don’t see the service lasting throughout the year. Please quote me on that.

Prediction 2: Direct-to-Platform Publishing is Just Getting Started

  • This year already, we saw a clear trend emerge as platforms realized that they disintermediate content and grab more attention and advertising dollars in the process.
  • And Snapchat Discover, Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP, Twitter Moments, Linked.
  • Also, Pulse and Apple News are already making waves and disrupting the model of digital publishing.
  • Even most of these programs are only in pilot phases, and the publishing world is already seeing the writing on the wall.

Prediction 3: Facebook Play Bigger Part in Dictating the Tone of the 2016 Elections

  • In both primaries and global politics, Facebook’s trending topics helps shape and define the discussion and the sentiment surrounding world affairs.
  • And media outlets are using set the tone. But now the opposite is true.
  • The 61-million person study published in Nature in 2012 found that Facebook use and exposure to specific ideas are “significant influence” on voting behaviors.

Prediction 4: Emerging Destinations of Content Continues to Pull Viewers Away from Traditional Publishers and Channels

  • The mass-market, multi-media content is experiencing a precipitous decline.
  • Its specific networks are escape its fall and doubling down on quality and tightening the appeal.
  • But there is only too much room for established, traditional publishers like the Atlantic, the New Yorker, CBS, CNN, and others.
  • And the new economic realities of contents distribution mean there is even less money to go around the support of such programming.
  • At the end of the spectrum are the independent podcasters, YouTubers, and bloggers eschewing large budgets.
  • And mass-appeal is narrowly defining the audience and catering directly to their needs.
  • The rise of social subcultures is facilitating this diffusion of attention across various channels.

Prediction 5: Content is Gets Easy to Produce and Hard to Stand Out Per

  • 2015 is a defining year for Snapchat and Instagram, but 2016 get the year they genuinely mature.
  • On the one hand, we emergence of high-quality catered content produced by relatively few individuals for the narrowly defined audiences (see the previous prediction).
  • On the other hand, we have networks that encourage a considerable percentage of users to create low-effort, fleeting content.

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