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Why does Product-Agnostic Content win in B2B Marketing? – 3 Examples

Why does Product-Agnostic Content win in B2B Marketing? – 3 Examples

Product-Agnostic Content in the context of content marketing, a product-agnostic approach focuses on our expertise and knowledge around the product.

Also Product-Agnostic Content and technology or service rather than brand. It kind of Content positions us as the thought leader in the given field or industry.

It does not contain the sales pitch and should never mention our company and brand except as the Content source.

What are the 3 Examples of product-agnostic Content?

  • The product-agnostic and approach the content marketing around for a long time. Suppose we are not already implementing it.
  • Then we are missing out on the vast opportunity to reach potential customers while positioning ourselves as the expert in our industry.

1. Whitepapers

  • Healthcare, security, aerospace, technology, and finance companies take extended use of unbranded Content to curate leads.
  • And while educating prospective clients on what are often complex, highly technical products and services.


  • It whitepaper from Cypress Integration, the company that designs and manufactures security products and technologies.
  • It contains detailed information about new developments in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology – a key technology in this industry.
  • There’s no overt branding in this whitepaper.
  • And also cypress includes the company’s web address in the footer on each page and the logo and contact information on the final page.

2. Instructional Videos

  • Instructional videos typically feature more prominent branding than whitepapers.
  • But the bulk of the information contained in these videos is focused on helping viewers learn about something or solve a problem.

3. Blog Posts and Articles

  • It contributing high-quality Content to industry websites can must an integral part of our product-agnostic content strategy.
  • For example, if our company caters to clients in the finance industry, it behooves us to publish something in Forbes.

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