6 Steps Guide : A recipe for email Marketing, and More

1. Prepare our Objective(s)

  • Recipe for email marketing why we are setting up the email campaign. Do we want to keep our customers engaged regularly?
  • Also recipe for email marketing and talk about the new product launch and advertise the exclusive deal? Whatever the case. For its own sake, an email campaign counts for little – always begin by setting our objectives.

2. Select the Sharp Service Provider

  • Email services are abundant out there, each with the own features and price points. Weigh these up before choosing.
  • But as a rule of thumb, we all want to look out for services that offer ease of use yet plenty of configuration.
  • And top-notch customer support, embedded sign-up forms, and complete delivery rates. Among the most popular platforms are Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and Send in Blue.

3. Welcome our Subscribers

  • Recipe for email marketing  social media is our best friend here – it’s where customers are. And reach out and tell them about our email campaign, offer sign-up incentives, and (most importantly).
  • And make it easy for them to subscribe. The excellent service provider enables us to set up online service forms on our website.
  • Also, even offer the offline mobile/tablet form for use at events. Lastly, don’t forget to produce the friendly welcome email – our subscribers have given us special permission into their inboxes.

4. Use Quality Content (and mind portion control)

  • Content comes first with email marketing, but the little goes a long way. And keep its quality, and keep it tight.
  • Every email we send must reflect the Objective (s) that we established in Step 1. Subscribers should always take something they can take away and act it.
  • So give the purpose and clarity of our email. Subject lines must reflect this, too, so take time researching and crafting them – they are the doors into our emails.

5. Season with Tone

  • The difference between an excellent email marketing campaign and the great one is often a matter of tone. Again, remember that we take remain granted special access to our subscribers’ inboxes.
  • So talk to them in a friendly, approachable tone. Do not overly amicable, though – always maintain a professional attitude.

6. Garnish Tastefully (but sparingly)

  • Once we are satisfied with the content, it’s time to think about design. Many email services come with templates that are simple and quick to use.
  • It’s worthwhile experimenting with different templates and tools before sending, but remember to keep campaigns broadly consistent and not overdo things. As with content, less is more.

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