How Refining Audiences Can Benefit Your Facebook Marketing

In general, social media advertisements have always had the distinct benefit of zeroing down on a target demographic.

A Facebook advertising agency with precise targeting may help you get in front of the individuals who are most inclined to buy. With sophisticated choices, you can go a step further and reach the individuals who are likely interested in certain items and have previously indicated they’re eager to purchase.

All of this allows you to maximise your current advertising expenditure to increase conversion rates. Here’s how you can use Facebook Audience Insights to fine-tune your targeting as you plunge headfirst into the sea of social data.

1. Use Audience Insights To Specifically Target Your Competitor’s Fans

Meta Business Suite Insights’ Audience tab provides a wealth of data for analysing your Facebook fan base. The information gathered may be used to reach and engage a wider audience.

Since there is so much gold in Audience Insights, we devoted a whole post to optimising your targeting.

One of our favourite ways to utilise Audience Insights is to research your Facebook rivals and then appeal to their current fan base.

This is an excellent starting point for discovering relevant individuals on Facebook. You can refine your targeting to reach the ideal people for your company and campaign objectives.

2. Calculate A Target Market From Online Activity

If you have installed the Facebook pixel on your site, Facebook allows you to create audiences based on site traffic. With Facebook’s audience rules, you may target certain visitor demographics depending on your site’s actions.

One strategy is to focus on your site’s most dedicated visitors (the top 5% to 25% of users). Branded items, new product releases, subscription services, and bundled product bundles are more likely to pique the attention of this demographic.

Use this demographic of super-active users in conjunction with the other retargeting approaches outlined; you don’t want to overlook the remaining 75%+ of site visits. Remember that the larger your size and returns, the more visitors your site can handle.

You may also collect users who just look at certain sections of your website. You may exclude any custom audience at the ad set level, where there is more flexibility for customisation; thus, doing so isn’t encouraged.

3. Use Layered Targeting For Pinpoint Accuracy

Targeting possibilities on Facebook are extensive. The possibilities may be roughly classified into three groups based on the target audience’s age, gender, interests, and habits. To be sure, things become rather specific inside each of these classes.

You may choose a certain group, like parents, and tailor your message to them. Or you might zero in on the parents of young children.

After that, you may refine your target demographic by selecting a Narrow Audience. Under demographics, you may choose criteria such as marital status and occupation to narrow your Facebook audience.

Imagine how a hyper-targeted audience might be formed from all these targeting levels. Single parents with young children who work in management are one possible demographic to pursue. What’s more, that’s only taking population structure into account.

4. Upsell To Existing Customers

It’s far simpler to sell to an earlier customer than to a stranger. Despite this, it’s amazing how frequently companies believe that the sales funnel ends with the initial transaction. Instead of considering how to best use their present client base, many advertisers ignore that segment of their audience and instead focus on acquiring new customers.

For example, those who sign up for a full year of GlobeIn’s service, the company’s advertisement promises a complimentary glassware set on top of the other benefits.

Such an advertisement is obviously aimed at existing members and encourages them to consider switching to an annual subscription from a monthly one.

Since you already have their attention, you can focus on upselling them a more costly membership rather than trying to locate new consumers to sell to.

5. Use Broad Targeting To Find Your Target Audience

It might be difficult to identify your ideal customers if you’re just starting out. Beginning with a wide Facebook ad targeting approach might also provide useful insights. Brand awareness campaigns benefit more from this approach than conversion-focused advertisements do, although the insights gained may be used to improve conversion targeting in the long run.

Launch a fresh brand awareness drive, focusing on broad demographics like age and location. In this way, Facebook’s algorithms can choose the most suitable users to display your adverts.

After your ad has been up for a time, you can go to Ads Manager or Audience Insights to see who Facebook targeted and how they reacted. You may use this information to further define your ideal client profile for future advertising initiatives.

6. Navigate Top Performing Categories & Pages

You can check the topics in which your audience is most interested by clicking on the Page Likes tab.

This is a powerful insight in itself, but the Audience Insights tool goes much further. You can then utilise this information to create content and campaigns more likely to appeal to the people who have shown an interest in these specific categories by showing which pages within those categories have been liked.

To genuinely connect with your audience, you may tailor your content to the latest health trends for 2023 if you observe, for instance, in Audience Insights’ Top Categories, that your users follow nutritional and wellness sites.

Naturally, Facebook provides a basic list of recommendations for your new audience. That would be fantastic if there were hard evidence to support their importance. You may view a list of sites rated by their relevancy and affinity if you scroll down a little inside the tool.


Facebook’s Audience Insights may help you learn more about your most lucrative client demographics. It will help you better meet the requirements of your current clientele and expand your company to a wider audience by identifying and courting new clients who share their traits.

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