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What is the Search Intent? – Definition, 4 Types of Search Intent
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What is the Search Intent? – Definition, 4 Types of Search Intent

Search Intent – Definition

The search intent and user intent, and audience intent the term uses describes the purpose of the online search.

Also, it’s the reason why someone conducts a specific search. After all, everyone who does the online search hoping to find something.

And someone searching because they take the question and want the answer to that question? Are they looking to visit the specific website?

And it’s searching because they want to buy something? And many of these different types of searches form parts of the user journey. Over the years, Google works hard it improve the algorithm and determine people’s search intent.

And, Google wants the rank pages that best fit the search term. For example, well the search intent behind the specific search query. That’s why it’s essential to make sure our post and page fit our audience’s search intent.

 Consumer-to-Business (C2B) is a business copy in which consumers (persons) create value and companies consume that value.

What are the Types of Search Intent?

  • There are few distinct types of search intent.

1. Informational Intent

  • First, the informational intent. Lots of searches on the internet complete by people looking for information.
  • That can information about the weather, information about educating children, information about SEO, we name it.
  • And people with informational intent take the specific question and want to know extra about the particular topic.
  • We were aware that Google’s understanding of intent goes much further than merely showing results that give information about the specific term.
  • People were looking for tomato sauce looking for recipes, not for the spice’s culinary history.
  • Also, it understands that most people were typing in Mercury looking for the planet, not the element.
  • And google even understands that it’s handy for some terms, like building the bird feeder, including videos and images.

2. Navigational Intent

  • The second type of search intent name its navigational sense. People with its goal want to visit the specific website.
  • And example, people who search for Facebook usually on the way to the Facebook website. Also, keep in mind that ranking high for the navigational term only beneficial for our organic traffic.
  • Suppose our site the site people looking it. And example, a few years ago, Yoast needs the Google Analytics plugin, and we ranked pretty well for the term [Google Analytics].

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3. Transactional Intent

  • The third type of search intent name its transactional goal. Lots of peoples buy stuff on the internet and browse the web to find the best purchase. And people searching with transactional intent when the purpose of purchasing something.

4. Commercial Investigation

  • Some peoples intend to buy soon and use the web to do their research. What washing machine the best? Which SEO plugin the most helpful?
  • These people also take transactional intent but need some extra time and convincing. These types of search intents frequently name called commercial investigating goals.

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