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How Start-up Founders Can Better Network At Virtual Events

How Start-up Founders Can Better Network At Virtual Events

Start-up Founders Can Better Network At Virtual Events

The companies had started their online marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of them are continuing this also after the pandemic. Even face-to-face meetings and having coffee with your business partners are not possible, but still, it provides great chances for networking.

Networking a virtual event

If you are an entrepreneur and have a start-up company at its initials, you must be looking for some tips to make it better. You may be nervous and excited if it is your first time attending these events.

Here are some guidelines to improve your networking to the next level:

Identify Your Networking Goals

An important piece of advice while networking is setting your goals first. Setting your goals can help you make an effective virtual event as a start-up founder in the first few tries.

Ask a few questions to yourself while setting goals:

Who is the important person in the meeting?

If you would like the person you have to connect with, it will be easy to communicate. You may click with them on certain ideas. This would help you achieve your goal of attending the meeting.

How to find them?

It is easy to find the team members of your business partner if they have provided you with the list of participants before the meeting. This will help you to know about your target audience.

How many people can you connect with?

Before starting the meeting through a virtual event platform, you must keep in mind the number of participants. This can most likely help you interact with all the people in the meeting. This will improve your networking skill.

Share these goals with all your team members to make your objective clear.

Provide Your Full Bio to the Event Organisers

As important it is to know other team members, make sure that they also know your team members. For this, provide your full name, contact information, and qualification with a professional photo. Your opposite team will find you when they go through the list of participants. This will help them make an image of your team, and they can easily interact.

Engage and Participate in the Discussions

Try your best to engage with the members and participate in the discussions. It is a good way to stay visible during the online meeting. You must prepare some interactive questions to ask in the virtual event. Make thoughtful comments during the conversation to convince the clients. This will lead you to the upcoming collaborations.

Participate in the question and answer session actively to make your stance. Prominently show your authority and knowledge. Also, share your visions about the future in an effective way. This may attract the other team, and they would like to communicate with you.

However, you must take care about the choice of your words. Do not be over efficient in answering their questions. Wait for your turn to make a question. This can allow the other participants to talk like everyone’s contribution is also very important.

Build a Small community

Private message features in the online event platform can also help you in a great way. Unlike a physical meeting, you can talk to anyone in the meeting privately, even during the session.

You also have an option to create a group of your team to discuss any point privately during the meeting. You can guide your team about the questions asked. This can help you cooperate with your team.

You can also message any other team member to build trust or to appreciate their opinion privately. This may help make new contacts.

Share Your Participation Pre- and Post-Event on Social Media

Share your company and meeting details on social media so that most of the interested people can join the meeting. Also, make some hashtags for your event to reach more people.

Share your virtual event’s schedule and link to join the meeting on your social media accounts, websites, and newsletters. This will advertise your start-up company and increase networking.

The idea of sharing it on social media will help you engage the people who are interested in the same event.

After the event has ended, you can share your experience on social media. You must share your outcomes with others to encourage other concerned people. Share it on social media and how this virtual event has helped you increase your business.

Tag the new connections you made with other teams in your feedback to appreciate them and let them know your experience interacting with them.

Other Things to Consider Maximising Your Virtual Event Networking Efforts

We have discussed some efforts you can make before, during, and after the meeting to improve your networking. Some other small tips that can capitalize on your virtual event networking are also discussed here.

You must believe that networking does not stop as the event has ended. Keep trying to increase your networking and make it better. Make deeper connections with the new members you meet during the event.

Firstly, collect some contact information of those members through their social media accounts, their information provided during the meeting, or any other source. Save this information with you in the form of a spreadsheet or other business app.

Secondly, go through the whole list you created to prioritize the contacts based on your conversation with them. Make three categories, first is the people with whom you have some quality conversation, second is the group with whom you have interacted a little during the session ad third is the category of people with whom you did not interact.

Finally, contact them and add them to your professional groups. Make good relations with them so that you can interact with them. Have a conversation with them related to the project you are working on. Take their opinion and thank them for their insights.


The purpose of networking is to focus on other people’s opinions, help them, and share your knowledge freely.

In conclusion, I can say that through virtual events, we can easily interact with different people in different parts of the world. This can increase our networking space. It also requires little effort.

Have you found the blog post helpful? If you have any other queries, let us know in the comment section below.

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