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What is storytelling marketing? – Definition, 3 Examples of Storytelling Marketing

What is storytelling marketing? – Definition, 3 Examples of Storytelling Marketing

Storytelling Marketing Definition

Storytelling marketing is earnings and using a narrative to communicate a message. The aim is to make the viewer feel something – enough that it inspires them to take action.

Storytelling in marketing helps consumers understand why they should care about something, and it works to humanize your brand if we want to learn more about messaging.

And storytelling in marketing is not limited to film; stories can be told in pictures, verbally or in written form.

And it told across all channels – from social media to billboards. Stories help marketers achieve cut-through in a marketplace that’s (by design) distracting, creating advertising that resonates with people and sticks.

What are the Examples of Storytelling Marketing?

  • The world’s major brands understand the power of storytelling in marketing, and here’s a round-up of some of the best storytelling marketing examples over the last 18 months, from the likes of Coca-Cola, Guinness, and Apple.

1. Disney

  • Of course, Disney is no stranger to storytelling, and this ad for Disneyland Paris shows off the brand’s skills.
  • It’s the little ducklings’ heartwarming tale that finds the Donald Duck comic book and becomes obsessed with his new hero.
  • And also, but bad weather is approaching, and the duckling and his family take to take flight, leaving his beloves comic book behind.
  • The family endures the cold, wet night before the sun reappears, and they arrive unexpectedly at Disneyland Paris, where the duckling receives by nobody other than Donald Duck.
  • As he comes beak-to-beak with his idol and, our heartstrings pull. So strongly they feel like they are about to burst,” said The Drum.
  • It completes a brilliant display of anthropomorphism it perfects over the decades. And Disney captures the wonder and excitement that kids feel for Disneyland Paris.

2. Guinness

  • And to continue its long-running “Made of extra” campaign, which promotes inclusivity within rugby, Guinness highlights the incredible true story of Japanese women’s rugby team Liberty Fields RFC.
  • The film starts in 1989 Tokyo, showing women’s gender expectations and how the female players defied those social conventions to represent the country at the Women’s World Cup.
  • The TV ad remains launched alongside a five-minute documentary featuring first-hand insights from the Liberty Fields rugby team.
  • And, we create the story of Liberty Fields and felt it capture the ‘Made of more’ campaign brilliantly.
  • And also, it remains relevant for what’s going on in the world at the moment, especially in light of this year’s Rugby World Cup in Japan.
  • Also, it felt like a natural, authentic story for Guinness to be able to tell in that context.

3. Coca-Cola

  • Firstly, storytelling marketing happens across all sorts of mediums, as this innovative augmented reality (AR) campaign by Coca-Cola shows.
  • Secondly, and customers were able to point their phone’s camera at a can of Coke and see one of 12 stories come to life.
  • Lastly, the stories each feature a minor conflict, where animated characters engage in a lighthearted exchange before finding a positive outcome, which revolves around sharing a Coke.

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