Tips for Field Service Business Managers to Find Work-Life Balance

Being a field service business manager can be a challenge and requires a lot of work. It is easy to confuse hard work with being productive. Some managers believe that the best way to manage the company is to show up at the job site first, evaluate it and assign a technician to handle it. This is one of the challenging things you must do when traveling to every job site to assess it. Sometimes you find yourself working overtime, which can affect other aspects of your life. You need to find the balance between work and life, which is why technology is here to simplify things. You need a streamlined working process to avoid overworking yourself and your team. The following are ways to find a work-life balance to become a better leader.

How to Find Work-Life Balance for Field Service Managers

  • Manage Time

Time management is the first thing you need to eliminate while working overtime. It helps you get through the list of tasks and take breaks without worrying about falling behind. You will need to focus on the jobs that waste time or drain your technicians and find ways of doing them differently. Start with the urgent tasks to ensure you are not running out of time. The best way to streamline these processes and manage the jobs is by using Field Service Management Software. It has different tools like job scheduling, route optimization, invoicing, and fleet tracking. You can use these tools to manage and control your operations remotely.

  • Take Breaks

Proper time management allows you to plan some time for a break. When everything is in place and jobs are assigned accordingly, it is easy to plan when to take breaks for you and your workers. Therefore, take breaks to take care of your health, home, and happiness and do the same for your employees.

  • Involve Your Team

Doing everything alone will only lead to unproductivity and poor customer service. Therefore, allow your team to support you. Shared tasks leave you with more time and energy to handle other things in your life. In turn, you also help your employees to find work-life balance. Delegate tasks fairly to ensure everyone has enough responsibilities to complete on time. This way, you will have time for family and leisure.

How Work-Life Balance Benefits Field Service Managers

Finding work-life balance helps you become a better field service business manager or owner. Here is how it helps.

  • Reduces Stress

Stress is part of work, but it can cause issues like reduced productivity and employee turnover when it is too much. Stressed managers and employees struggle to concentrate and do the best job. Therefore, give yourself and the workers time for other activities that help the mind relax.

  • Increases Productivity

Spending more time at work doesn’t mean you are productive. When you work more hours than you should, you feel overwhelmed and unable to focus. Try giving yourself some time to recharge. You will come back feeling better.

  • Improves Workplace Engagement

A healthy and happy life can also be translated into your workplace. When you are happy outside, building the same culture and improving engagement is easy.


It is crucial to find a work-life balance to become a better manager or business owner. Remember, field service businesses rely more on quality services to improve customer satisfaction. Try using field service management software to improve operations and job scheduling.

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