5 Features of the Best Solar Panels for Home

In light of ongoing global issues like climate change, global warming, and environmental degradation, switching to solar energy is one of the best decisions we can make. Not only is solar power clean, renewable, and safe for our planet, but it also has several perks. For instance, by installing solar panels for home, you can cut down on electricity bills, and your property value increases.

Better yet, solar energy requires low maintenance and even the installation process is quick and hassle-free. But if you’re wondering how to find the best solar panels for home, this guide is here to help. We will highlight all the features you need to consider, so make sure you keep reading!

1. Technology or Type of Solar Panels (H3 Tag)

When buying solar panels for home, the first thing you need to consider is the technology and capacity of the photovoltaic (PV) panels. The technology (also referred to as type) is available in two options, namely Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline. Polycrystalline panels are affordable and offer average efficiency, whereas Monocrystalline panels are expensive but provide high efficiency. But since technology plays a significant role in the performance of the solar modules, it is crucial to select one based on your unique requirements.

2. Enhanced Low-Light Performance (H3 Tag)

As you know, solar panels need direct sunlight to produce electricity; however, since India witnesses frequent weather changes, cloudy and rainy days are also quite common. Thus, in order to ensure that your PV panels keep generating power despite the weather conditions, it is best to choose ones with advanced low-light performance. Such panels are designed using high-quality glass and surface coating, so the panels keep functioning efficiently.

3. Advanced EVA Encapsulation (H3 Tag)

Another factor to keep in mind when exploring solar panels for home is Advanced EVA (Ethyl, Vinyl, Acetate) Encapsulation. This encapsulating material is inserted between the PV panel’s top surface, solar cells, and the rear surface for extra module protection.  The availability of this feature ensures that the panels are well-built, robust, and work optimally through all weather conditions. Plus, the PV modules will require less care and maintenance, helping you save additional money in the long run.

4. PID Resistance (H3 Tag)

Today, most solar panels for home offer Potential-Induced Degradation (PID) resistance. PID is typically caused due to stray currents resulting from harsh climatic conditions. It can cause significant power loss, which also means that PID can hamper the power production process. But you can avoid such situations by purchasing solar panels equipped with PID-resistance technology. While this may also increase the panels’ price, it is a must-have feature.

5. Compliance with Safety Standards (H3 Tag)

The last yet most important feature to evaluate is the panels’ compliance with safety standards. When browsing through options, make sure you only purchase panels that are compliant with MNRE and IEC guidelines, which are set in place by the Indian government. Doing so is vital, especially if you have children, pets, or senior individuals in your household. Plus, safety compliance also ensures that you are investing in high-performance and high-quality panels that are worth your money.

Find the Best Solar Panels for Home with Luminous (H2 Tag)

Now that you’re familiar with all the features you need to consider, you can start comparing options. However, it is also crucial to choose a well-known and reliable brand. Luminous is India’s leading solar solution provider that offers top-quality, efficient, and, most importantly, affordable solar panels for home. Plus, you also get 25 years of performance warranty!

Even better, they offer a range of services, including mounting, installation, plant health check-ups, and routine maintenance, making them your one-stop destination. And you can even check out other products like inverters, batteries, and solar charge controllers, to complete your home solar setup.

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