5 New Air Conditioner Technology 2017 To Keep You Cool

Most people expect to enjoy the summer sun and beat the heat in a fantastic. New air conditioner technology 2017 building. However, those wary of their summer electricity bills know that gray summer days can mean high energy consumption at a high price.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, indoor cooling will consume approximately 1.28 trillion Btu in the US in 2017. Equating to nearly 39 million households using electricity annually. And this energy consumption adds up.

In residential buildings, cooling alone accounts for 9% of the total home energy consumption. In addition, fluorocarbon refrigerants are used as the refrigerant in typical new air conditioner technology 2017 installations. Which, if filtered, can reduce the new air conditioner technology 2017 system’s efficiency and adversely affect the environment. However, proper preservation of your new air conditioner technology 2017. Can go a long way in keeping it cool and improving the efficiency of your HVAC equipment throughout its life.

The US Department of Energy’s Office of Building Technology. Working on exciting new air conditioner technology 2017 that will dramatically reduce energy use. This will benefit you beat the heat and save money on your electricity bills.

Here are five cool schemes for New Air Conditioner Technology 2017 we’re currently developing:

  • Optimized Thermal Systems in Maryland is an emergent improved heat exchanger that minimizes gaskets by 90% compared to existing models to reduce refrigerant leaks. By reducing the number of pads, the refrigerant stays where it should be keeping your home cool and energy bills low.
  • The University of Florida is developing an original that combines a water heater, dehumidifier, and air cooler to provide more efficient heat transfer. This technology offers improved dehumidification control in homes, resulting in increased comfort and significant energy savings.
  • Dais Analytic in Florida is working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to develop a new membrane roof [new air conditioner technology 2017]. That uses water as the coolant instead of conventional chemicals. This technology is ideal for hot and humid summer nights and can save 30-50% on power consumption compared to modern rooftop installations.
  • A United Technologies Research Center in Connecticut is studying solid-state. Energy technology to develop a heat pump that will keep a room cool without chemical refrigerants. This technology is ideal for small residential and commercial buildings. It is small and quiet, so the system’s efficiency can increase by up to 25%. And with fewer mechanical parts, you can improve overall reliability. Reducing your chances of losing your new air conditioner technology 2017 in the midst of extreme heat!
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee has partnered with Georgia Tech and IntelliChoice Energy to develop an energy storage system that fits in with HVAC units to reduce overall power requirements for waste heat [new air conditioner technology 2017] systems. That would lose in traditional systems. systems. Integration of various ground-level energy storage systems with HVAC systems can achieve. An overall energy storage efficiency of 70% and increase HVAC performance by 35%.

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