Are Android Tablets or iPad Better for Kids?

The Apple / Android debate has sparked arguments for many years now. Apple users tend to be very loyal to the brand, using everything from their watches, tablets, phones, and headphones, but some much prefer the flexibility of Android devices, as it means you are not stuck with one single brand and have a larger range of options to choose from.

But which are good for kids?

In this article, we will explore the main differences between the two and which you should be thinking about if you are looking to purchase a tablet for your child.


Apple does a great job with its IOS software. It is simple to use and has consistency as the devices (no matter which version of the software they are running) all work in a very similar manner, making transitioning after an update very easy. This is actually a great feature for kids because whilst children generally pick up these things very quickly, mistakes can be costly if the app store is linked to your credit card!

For very young children who also may not understand technology so well, the interface is extremely user-friendly with very few ‘buttons’ to try and navigate.

Android, on the other hand, often feels a little more clunky in terms of user experience. There are more navigation buttons than on an iPad, and even things like placing your downloaded games onto the home screen seem more complicated than Apple, which puts them there automatically.

However, later versions of Android do seem to be much more user-friendly than older ones, so you shouldn’t notice as much of a difference if you’re purchasing a new device.

Android operating system is also free to use, so low-end manufacturers can get their hands on it. This means there are a number of sub-standard products on the market at a cheap cost. So, if you’re going to purchase an Android tablet, you should ensure you always pick a reputable brand like Lenovo.

Games and Applications

Apple uses their App Store to download games, whereas Android connects to the Google Play store.

There is a great range of options for games on both, with most developers opting to have their app recoded for each individual store. However, on occasion, you will find that one game or app you would like is not available on one or the other.

Luckily, there are now so many apps on the market that it’s not difficult to find a similar alternative to an app on the other store if you wish to do so.

Google also has less of a screening process for their apps than Apple does, so with this in mind, a Google play store app is more likely to carry a bug or malware than an Apple one.


Pricing on tablets varies hugely because Apple sells a range of models, the older releases being cheaper, whilst Android has been picked up by multiple different brands. Larger brands such as Samsung will charge more for their tablets than a Chinese company utilising the technology to put cheap tablets onto the market.

However, it does mean that Android gives you greater flexibility and budget-friendly options, so if you have a particularly boisterous child who will possibly smash the screen very quickly, it may be worth considering a lower cost model until your child is older.

If you are on a budget, you are going to have to consider the trade-off between price and quality. At the lower end of the scale, you either need to go with an older iPad model or choose an Android, but make sure you opt for a branded Android if going down that road to ensure you get a good quality device.


Apple has multiple accessories available that integrate seamlessly with its software. The only downside is that they tend to be very expensive, with Apple pencils coming in at around $100.

That being said, there are many compatible options on the market that will function in the same manner, just perhaps not at the same performance level. So, this is also an option.

Android doesn’t have any ‘Android’ specific accessories, as many manufacturers utilize the software, but manufacturers have come up with an extensive range of accessories to rival Apple, they just tend to take a little more setting up on the device than Apple’s own range, which often connects automatically.


Choosing between Apple and Android is essentially going to be personal preference; however, budget can play a role too.

If you’re on a lower budget, you still have access to both kinds of devices, but you are probably choosing between an older Apple model or a lower-end (still branded) Android model.

For young children, both options are suitable, but as your child get’s older, you will want to consider what activities they will be using the device for. For example, if they are very arty, then Apple has much more in the way of drawing facilities than Android, and these considerations will play a part in the choice you make too.

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