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What is the Visual Imagery? -5 Examples

What is the Visual Imagery? -5 Examples

The visual imagery put on our sunglasses. We’re about to go on the sensory ride, including bright bursts of sunlight. And the verdant meadows of Scotland, and delicate slips of moonlight through the frost-covered glass.

What are the Examples of Visual Imagery?

  • As she stepped out of the office building, she thought the bright, beaming sunlight could blind her. And immediately, she began rummaging through her purse for her Tom Ford shades.
  • And his phone signaled, immediately setting his teeth on edge. He looked at the cracked screen, saw the name, and slapped the phone back down on his desk.
  • Also, she sat at the desk, chin on hand, and carelessly flick through the pages. When she got to chapter three, she sat up straight and pulled off her glasses.
  • Also, the puppy sprawled across her couch, legs twitching feverishly, and she knew he must be dreaming of the squirrels he tries to capture every morning.
  • And he took her hand and led her to the edge of the cliff. The verdant meadows that spread before them dazzled her with every shade of green.
  • And she accepted the bouquet. It fills with her favorite flowers – white roses, purple irises—also soft sprays of baby’s breath. The flowers influence in the breeze, almost as if they were dancing in her delight.
  • Also, he took the tattered leather-bound book from her. The cover was so faded, and it was hard to make out the title. He instructed to open it but feared the anthology must crumble into dust.
  • And together, they sat at the shoreline. The shimmering sun is sinking into the sea, and, as it disappeared, she told him they’d never meet again.

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