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What are the Backlinks? – Definition, Factors, Types

What are the Backlinks? – Definition, Factors, Types

Backlinks Definition

Acquiring backlinks is an essential part of a good SEO plan. And links tell search engines that the site is recognized trusted. And therefore, worthy of the top spot on search engine results pages (SERPs).

But it’s not just the number of backlinks that appeals to search engines; it’s also the types of backlinks.

It depends on the link type, and backlinks take varying levels of influence on search engine rankings and the results we can see from acquiring them.

The rest of the post will look at the different backlinks, explain the value, and offer tips for acquiring the most valuable and useful backlinks.

What are the Factors That Impact Link Value?

  • Before we review the full list of backlink types, it’s essential to understand what makes the link valuable.
  • As mention above, backlinks are not all created equal. There are a variety of factors that can make backlinks extra valuable than others.
  • And some make the link very bad for SEO. The three main factors that impact link value include the following:

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1. The Authority of the Linking Site

  • The most valuable types of backlinks come from quality websites. And links from sites that are recognized as top authoritative resources.
  • They send extra positive signals to search engines than links from low-quality, lesser-known sites.

2. Do-Follow vs. No-Follow Status

  • When the publisher adds the link to the website, they can use HTML code to set the connection as either “do follow” and “no-follow.”

Do follow links

  • It tells search engines to notice and give SEO value to the links.

No, follow links

  • It tells search engines it ignores the links and gives them less SEO value.
  • Because the do-follow links send better signals to search engines, they are extra valuable than no-follow links.
  • We want links to our site to be coded as do-follow. However, the no-follow backlink can still drive traffic to our website.
  • If the link is the do-follow and no-follow, we can use the no-follow Simple Chrome extension to check the link’s code quickly.

3. On-Site Link Location

  • The websites are set up in sections, and how valuable the link is may be impacted by the area in which it appears.
  • The most valuable links are placed within the main body content of the site.
  • And links may not receive the same value from search engines when they appear in the header, footer, and sidebar of the page.
  • It’s an essential factor to keep in mind as we seek to build high-quality backlinks. And look to build links that will be included in the main body content of a site.

What are The Best Types of Backlinks?

  • Now that we know what makes backlinks valuable let’s look at the list of the best backlinks for SEO.
  • As we learn how to create backlinks, these strategies provide the best long-term SEO results.

Editorial Backlinks

  • The best types of links in SEO come from the editorial mentions. Editorial comment is when another website refers and links to our website in a piece of quality content.
  • As the editorial backlink can be included as:
  • We are citing someone from our company or something from your content as a source of information.
  • They Referring to our website as the resource for additional information.
  • We are citing our website as the creator of an infographic.
  • It includes our website and content in the link roundup.
  • They were interviewing someone associated with your website.

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Review What are the Backlinks? – Definition, Factors, Types.

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