Ergonomic Chairs Vs Standing Desk: Which is better for office work?

Ergonomic Chairs Vs Standing Desk: When your job or general life involves a lot of working at a desk, making a choice about sitting or standing can be a conundrum. Office jobs can be a pain when it comes to position, sitting down all day in an uncomfortable chair trying desperately to complete the pile of work at the end of the desk while your body screams at you with those aches that won’t leave. Whether you are more focused on deciding which provides better health benefits or which would make you feel more comfortable, you have to find the one that suits you. 

Currently, the main options people tend to focus on are standing desks and ergonomic chairs. If you are sitting in front of a computer for long hours, then you definitely need the most comfortable office chair for long hours.

Pretty Big Positives

Both of these options will help with back and neck pain (often caused by sitting for too long while your spine is unsupported) but each helps in different ways. 

A standing desk encourages you to move around. The continuous changes in position will prevent aches and pains, which can get worse and become distracting. This will also improve your circulation making sure you don’t get pins and needles in your feet or hands. The fact that you’re stood up and already moving around not only helps strengthen your core but may also encourage you to do more exercise while working. Maybe do some squats or sit-ups while waiting for emails. 

Workplace accidents can happen anywhere, whether it’s an industrial setting or an office space. Keeping workers safe is in everyone’s best interest. Business owners and managers should be aware of potential safety hazards and take steps to prevent them, including educating employees about safety practices. Office Furniture Warehouse offers best-in-class, value-oriented products at very competitive prices.

If you’re someone who is more focussed on which option burns more calories, then you should know that there isn’t much difference. Standing desks on average will only allow you to burn 8 more calories per day than an ergonomic chair would. Obviously, the more you move around and the more exercise you do while working, the more calories you burn. Being stood up also naturally encourages you to stand taller and improve your posture. This could have a huge effect over time, increasing your confidence and your comfort. There have also been some studies which suggest that standing up more allows your blood sugar levels to return to normal much faster after you’ve eaten, allowing you that extra surge of energy to get you through the day without a reduction in your productivity. 

An ergonomic chair has many positive health benefits including decreasing the risk of developing musculoskeletal issues. The chair keeps your body in a position which is both comfortable and supportive to your joints and spine, decreasing the risk of back and neck problems. Changing the way you sit really can change the level of pain your body goes through on a daily basis. 

Sitting down comes with a sense of relaxation and comfort, just be careful not to start dozing off at your desk. Being comfortable with less pain allows you to have much better focus, without distraction from persistent aches. This will increase your productivity and reduce the pile of workflow app review on your desk that you can’t get to disappear. This increase in productivity can do wonders for your mental and physical health. All the stress evaporating like a weight being lifted off you, helping put your mind at ease. 

Potential Negatives to Consider

As with most things it is very difficult, if not impossible, to make something perfect. Standing desks and Ergonomic chairs are no exception. Although they both have some incredible benefits to your health and work, there are some things to consider before you buy. 

Standing desks can cause bad circulation in your feet due to gravity and lack of movement. This means it is important to keep moving around, rather than standing stationary during your workday. Standing for extended periods of time can also cause damage to your joints or cause pain in your feet so, I’d recommend only wearing your comfiest shoes for work. Standing all day in work shoes or high heels is almost guaranteed to be agony but reasonable shoes should make this more manageable.  

Ergonomic chairs also have negatives including the fact that in order for you to enjoy their benefits you would have to use them correctly. Sat, back flat against the backrest and feet flat on the floor. If you don’t sit in them correctly, they are just like any other chair and will provide little to no support to you. Sitting down for hours on end day after day also doesn’t do wonders for your health, the lack of movement in your lower body could cause circulatory issues which could distract you in your day to day work life if you don’t sit correctly in these chairs. 

Both of these pieces of equipment are very different, and which one benefits you most depends on you as an individual. So, which one is more for you? Looking for the best ergonomic chair? Check out Autonomous.

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