Famoid vs. – How to Become Famous on Instagram

Famoid vs – Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms right now. Over a billion people use Instagram daily.

The best way to make money from social media is by increasing your following and promoting your brand and product. With a large number of followers, you can increase your sales. Even if you don’t own a brand and you are a fashion influencer or content creator, a huge following will allow you to get better gigs and offers. And for many people starting out on the social platform, many are looking to simply buy Instagram followers to give their accounts a quick boost.

There is no debate that growing followers organically and hard work is the best option. However, based on luck, the process is tiring and takes a long time.

The easier way to gain Instagram followers is by using assisting follower apps. These apps will allow you to monitor your statistics and grow your following.

There are many follower assist apps that you can use to gain followers and become famous on Instagram.

The idea behind follower assist apps is that they allow you to gain the initial following relatively easily. However, there is a limit to these assist apps. You can’t buy a million followers if you want to become famous. You can work hard and create good content after gaining a few followers, and it will allow you to promote your account.

In this article, we will review Famoid and We will help you decide which platform is better for you if you want to become famous on Instagram. Let’s dive into this.


Famoid is arguably one of the most popular Instagram assist platforms. Several reviews set Famoid as the best platform to buy Instagram account growing services. Here is a summary of Famoid services.

Setup process

The setup process of Famoid is pretty simple. You can follow a few simple steps and get your followers;

  1. Visit Famoid
  2. Give your account information
  3. Select a package
  4. Get your followers

First of all, you should visit Famoid’s official website and browse to find what you are looking for. You can buy followers, likes, and even comments. Go to whatever social media platform you want to get followers for. After that Famoid will offer you some packages. There are a total of eight packages which you can choose from. Then you can give your account information, i.e., phone number, email, or username. After your payment to Famoid, you will get followers in a few minutes. You can pay via PayPal.

Instagram protocols

Instagram doesn’t allow people to buy followers. If you want to become famous, Instagram wants you to do it yourself. That is why there are strict protocols to detect any suspicious activity. Famoid makes sure to use human-based accounts and anonymous server locations so Instagram can’t detect.


Famoid offers several packages starting from 2.95$ to 149.95$.

Famoid reviews

Famoid has got great reviews on Trustpilot and other reviewing websites. Famoid doesn’t offer organic growth services. However, people are satisfied with Famoid’s performance since it offers what it says it does.

If you want to become famous on Instagram, you might be considering as well. is a great website where anyone can buy followers. Services

Instafollowers offer bunch of services. You can buy Instagram followers. Additionally, you can get google reviews as well. The Instagram followers are not organic, and you will not be getting famous afterward using them. However, they can give you a headstart and base your popularity on it.

Followers disappearance

Instafollowers. co’s protocols are not very secure. Instagram seems to detect services pretty easily. Several people have complained that their followers disappeared after a month. Some users also reported that their accounts got banned.

Scam or legit

Most reviews claim that Instafollowers. co is legit, and people get what they are paying for. However, a reasonable amount of users complain about overcharging and usage of credit card information for illegal purchases.


Instafollowers. co doesn’t offer a very good support system to resolve customers’ problems.


If you are looking to become famous on Instagram quickly, without putting in the hours of content creation and hard work, there are several follower selling sites. Famoid and are two of the most popular platforms.

Our review suggests our readers go with Famoid because it has better reviews and customer satisfaction rates. does offer some good services, but it has some potential risks. Thus, in our opinion, Famoid is better.

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