Office 365 Calendars Use in a B2B Ecommerce

Using the right tools in a business is vital. Unfortunately, many B2B consumers fail to realize how important this is. Office 365 calendars are useful and powerful, which is why they have numerous benefits for B2B and B2C operations. Whether your business is new or well-established, Microsoft 365 calendars provide the best resource management solution to enhance operations, avoid time wastage, and increase sales.

For a B2B company that intends to use 365 calendars, there are some things to know about them.

Various Options to Use 365 Calendars

Office 365 calendars can be used in many ways to deliver the same results. For B2B companies, here are the possible options:

  •     Outlook calendar – Outlook is a popular email host platform with more solutions. People also use Outlook 365 calendars to book schedules and manage tasks in any business setup including a B2B.
  •     SharePoint 365 calendars – Did you know that you can integrate SharePoint calendars with Outlook calendars for ease of task management and task allocation? It is a common integration in B2B companies.
  •     Office 365 mobile apps – SharePoint, Outlook, or any other ecommerce platform may have an app where you can access the 365 calendars. So, check out and use them.
  •     Ecommerce platforms – Popular ASP.NET platforms usually have integrations with Microsoft apps, making it possible to access the 365 calendars. So, check your platform and see if this is available.

Benefits of Office 365 Calendars

With all of the above options to use the 365 calendars, your business will enjoy a lot of benefits no matter which one they choose.

  •     Collaboration and sharing – One of the main functions of Office 365 calendars are for teams to collaborate with each other and share tasks or events. A B2B company will definitely benefit from this because teams work remotely.
  •     Tasks and events scheduling – Calendars are used to enter events and tasks that will be visible to all team members. Entrepreneurs and team members usually have an easy time managing the events and tasks because they can enter, edit, and remove them as needed.
  •     Enhance business operations – The goal of having business tools such as Office 365 calendars is to enhance operation, avoid time wastage, and increase productivity. The calendars are part of the important tools you can use for these purposes.

How to Buy Office 365 Calendars

You can get office 365 calendars from the original platform by subscribing to the premium option for all the features. With this, the B2B will be required to use it as a separate platform that has amazing benefits. With this option, teams can download the appropriate app and log in for the best solutions.

Another option to purchase 365 calendars is through an integration with an ASP.NET ecommerce solution. It is important that you check the price of buying this extra solution and see if it suits your needs.


Office 365 calendars are the ultimate solutions for B2B companies that need to collaborate well and perform their duties smoothly. Since they are paid apps, it is best to check and pick a solution that is affordable and within your budget.

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