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What is the Persona? – Definition, Important, Benefits, and More

What is the Persona? – Definition, Important, Benefits, and More

Persona Definition

The personas were archetypical to the users whose goals and characteristics represent the larger group of users’ needs. It usually the persona presented in the one and two-page document.

Also, such as 1–2-page descriptions include behavior patterns, goals, skills, attitudes, and background information, as well as the environment in which a persona operates.

And designers usually add few fictional personal details in the description to make the persona the real character.

And example, quotes of real users and context-specific details, for example, for the banking app. It makes sense to include the persona’s financial sophistication and significant expenses.

Why Persona It’s Important?

  • Firstly, the deep recognize of the target audience fundamental to creating exceptional products.
  • Secondly, and personas help the product team find the answer to one of the most critical questions, “Who are we designing for?”
  • Lastly, and through understanding the expectations, concerns, and motivations of target users. Also, it’s possible to design the product to satisfy users’ needs and therefore be successful.

What are the Benefits of using Personas in the UX Design Process?

1. Build Empathy

  • Empathy the core value if designers want to make something that good for the people who use it.
  • And personas help designers to create understanding and empathy with the end-users. Thanks to personas, designers can:
  • Gain perspective similar to the users. It creates personas that can help designers step out of themselves and recognize that different people have different needs and expectations.
  • In thinking about the fictional persona’s needs, designers can infer what the real person might need. It identifies with the user they are designing for. The extra designers engage with the persona.
  • And see them as ‘real,’ the extra likely they consider them during the design process and want it creates the best product for them.

2. Provide Direction For Making Design Decisions

  • Personas help designers shape product strategy. And it deep understands user behavior.
  • It also makes it possible to define who the product existence created for and what necessary and unnecessary for them from the user-centered point of view.
  • It allows product teams to prioritize feature requests. For example, features can prioritize based on how well they address the primary persona’s needs.
  • And also help settle arguments around design decisions – instead of saying, “We think the ‘Send’ button must bigger in our email app,” a designer might say.
  • Since our primary persona, Carolyn, always on the go, we need bigger tap targets in the app its ability to send the email without eye strain.

What are the Characteristics of Good Persona?

  • It’s easy to select the set of user characteristics and call it the persona.
  • And it’s hard to create personas that genuinely good design and communication tools. Here the few characteristics good persona:
  • Personas reflect real user patterns, not different user roles. And personas were not the fictional guesses at what a target user thinks.
  • Every aspect of the persona’s description must tie back to real data observed and researched. Also, personas were not the reflection of roles within a system.
  • The persona focuses on how users interact with the product, not the future of how users interact with the product).
  • Also, persona context-specific focuses on the behaviors and goals related to the specific domain of the product.
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