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Must Watch Sci-Fi Movies on Spectrum TV App!

Sci-Fi Movies on Spectrum TV App

As a subscriber to Spectrum TV, you will have full free access to the Spectrum TV app that has over 50,000 on-demand titles for you to choose from.

Science fiction has always been a very popular genre amongst people of all ages. This is why the Spectrum TV app’s wide library of amazing sci-fi movies makes the app suitable for everyone. If you don’t already have a subscription, get your hands on the best prices today by calling Spectrum customer service any time of the day!

Free Guy

The Spectrum TV app is rich with the most recent and latest movies. A prime example of this is “Free Guy”, which was released in August 2021 only. The movie stars Ben Affleck, so it’s safe to have high expectations from it. It is set in a fantasy world of a game, and Ben Affleck plays the role of a bank teller who realizes how underrepresented his role is in the game. Once he realizes this, he decides to rewrite the game’s story and becomes a hero. The movie also has some romance sequences in it, with a lot of action scenes and comic relief simultaneously.


Interstellar is a futuristic movie set in a time where the earth has reached a point where it’s almost uninhabitable. The movie stars Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey, and Michael Caine. It takes us into space, into the lives of NASA scientists and physicists, and also reflects on how our present behaviors might affect our future too. This is a masterpiece directed and written by Christopher Nolan, and therefore is a must-watch for everyone.


Dune is the perfect sci-fi movie for teenagers. Even though its plot is complex and not a very feel-good watch, its cast is surely attractive. It stars Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, and many more! All familiar faces make this movie a good watch. The plot of the movie is focused primarily on a young man whose life’s destiny is to conquer his fears and travel to a planet that may be the most dangerous one in the universe. However, his traveling to the planet would mean a safer future for his family and his people. You can imagine the kind of visuals you will get to see with such a storyline!


We have all at least once wondered about our ancestors and thought about the possibility of finding it out through science. This movie revolves around a similar young man, Andrew, who develops a want to learn and dig more about his ancestors and lineage. To do this, he had to give his DNA to a top-secret agency, only to find out that he has some superhuman genes! His superhuman capabilities are that he can control and manage human senses in other people as well. Things unravel, and we find out that he’s not the only one. If you are into sci-fi movies based on superhumans, you need to give this movie a watch!


Multiverse is a mind-boggling movie that tells the story of 4 almost-successful scientists who end up facing their alternate selves in a parallel universe. These scientists fight for survival, as only one version of each scientist can exist in reality. The most entertaining aspect of the movie revolves around how these 4 scientists and their parallel selves bond as well as come in conflict with one another. You will find the movie entertaining, but also has many complex details of Quantum Physics that keep you engaged.


Climate change, earth’s destruction, and unlivable conditions are some common themes in science fiction movies. Keeping up with the tradition, Reminiscence is a movie about a special machine that helps people to relive their good memories. The machine is administered by Nick and Emily. However, this well-intended machine turns things around when Nick Starts overusing the machine to relive his memories with a girl named Mae. So many secrets and truths unravel as the plot moves forward, keeping the audience engaged the whole time. This can be a good, thrilling, and exciting watch for a friend’s movie night.

There You Are!

There are many more genres that you would want to explore on the app. If you are a Spanish-speaking customer, reach out to Servicio al cliente de Spectrum to get the best entertainment solution for your home!


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