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What is Smart Content? – Definition, Works, Advantages, and More

What is Smart Content? – Definition, Works, Advantages, and More

Smart Content Definition

Smart content another name for dynamic range. That term sounds more familiar to you, and we are probably aware that there are “static” websites and dynamic websites.

And static websites are hard-coded and display the same information to all viewers at all times.

Dynamic websites also pull the content from the database and construct webpages on the fly, meaning that the data displayed changes to suit the viewer.

For the vast majority of websites, the days are dynamic. There are not many static websites around.

And they are both more powerful and flexible, as the data is stored in the database and completely separate from the visual design. It straightforward to update the site’s look. The content does not all mix in the display codes.

And dynamic content or smart content works are much the same principles. Smart content changes and adapts dynamically, depending on who is reading it.

This way, content targeted to the reader, creating a more individual experience and potentially boosting conversions.

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How Does Smart Content Works?

  • It references the CRM Monday or marketing automation platforms and other software to determine the individual using it includes:
  • Their name
  • Age
  • Where they live
  • Language
  • Email address
  • Interactions with your social media accounts
  • Items they accept from you before
  • And previous offers they use
  • Other websites they visited
  • And previous activity on your site
  • Any other useful information
  • It also customizes the content in various ways. We also got the primary form of smart content in action as emails customized with our name. But smart content a lot more sophisticated than it.
  • For example, you can divide your site users into different targeted groups and optimize your content for each group.
  • CRM solution can help you store and organize this information in the cloud so that you can connect with these potential customers later.
  • Then it is not only more personalized but also more likely to convert. There no limit to the customizations it makes with smart content.
  • We do something as subtle as slightly changing your CTAs or headings to appeal to different user groups. And we change the visual appearance of your content with other images and colors. Also, display utterly different content to new users than do returning users.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Smart Content?

  • There are several reasons for using smart content

1. Enhanced Personalization

  • All marketers that personalize content perform better than generics content.
  • And personalized email messages are 26% more likely to open emails with non-personalized subjects.
  • Around 78% of consumers say they are unlikely to engage with brand promotions (according to a Market survey) if they not tailor to previous interactions.
  • It gives the power to create highly personalized and relevant content to the person reading.
  • It is resulting in a better experience for the user and a higher chance of conversion for you.

2. Better Targeting

  • The data collected through your CRM and marketing software, combined with smart content software’s automation and intelligence, enables you to create content that highly targets particular user groups.

3. Automatic Optimization

  • It starts to demonstrate its power when it utilizes AI-powered automation to optimize for conversions in real-time.
  • Its sophisticated machine learning algorithms mean that your content can automatically optimize itself with each user visit, learning from each previous visitor’s actions.

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