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What is the Real-Time Marketing? – Definition, 3 Real-Time Marketing Tactics for the B2B Marketers

Real-Time Marketing Definition

Real-Time marketing is the marketing complete in real-time. And marketing land defines it as

The Real-time marketing or ‘RTM’ moments occur when brands and agency marketers react quickly to local, national, and global events happening online and offline.

Also, interject corporate marketing into consumer conversations via social media messaging and boost brand recognition utilizing marketing platforms.

However, like any new idea, real-time marketing takes mature. And B2B businesses in an excellent position to incorporate real-time marketing into the marketing strategy.

What are the 3 Real-Time Marketing Tactics for the B2B Marketers?

1. Always Stay Listening (ABL)

  • Real-time marketing right, we need to take our ear to the ground and catch trends as they happen. Here are few ways to do that:
  • Set up Google alerts on trends within our industry. And what are some of the buzziest topics in our industry?
  • If we are coming up blank, conference agendas will give us ideas. For example, if we are in the hotel industry, automation is a big topic.
  • We might put “hotel automation” into our Google alerts and scan them a few times a week to see what’s trending.
  • Monitor all real-time events in our industry. What are our competitors doing at industry events? Do they take RTM on the website and social media?
  • And are they remarketing to visitors extra than we are so they’re top of mind when our prospect the ready to buy?
  • And follow influencers closely and develop relationships with them. They can advocates for our brand and help publicize our RTM efforts when applicable.
  • And follow industry publications and newsletters closely to remain current on trends, as well as common concerns and questions.

2. Resources

  • Take the resources in place to act quickly. And social media team succeeded because they were preparing. When the perfect opportunity appeared, they can pounce on it.
  • Also, in B2B, monitor industry events and use creative resources to act on current trends.
  • We also want to use the tool that harnesses maximum ROI from social media. That way, we can keep track of our brand mentions, curate the right type of content for our audience, and make data-driven decisions.
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3. Ambassador Network

  • Timing everything when it comes to real-time marketing and opportunities is short-lived. We all need to get the message out quickly before the trend starts pointing downward.
  • And launching a successful real-time marketing opportunity relies on creative thinking and letting our customers know about our initiative.
  • And tap our employee advocacy programs and social ambassadors, and not only let them know about the initiative.
  • Also, ask them to share it online, let the networks know about it. That’s the way to create the maximum B2B marketing impact.
  • And sometimes, onboarding ambassadors can be the easy part but engaging them and holding on to them over time.
  • It can be much significant additional challenge. So remember to reward our ambassadors for the support.

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