3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Be on TikTok in 2022

In all probability, you’ve already heard about TikTok, the once predominantly lip-synching app which has grown into a full short-form video content hub. With over three billion downloads from app stores and one billion monthly active users, TikTok is the latest, trendiest social media channel exploding among younger generations.

The social media platform that comes with features similar to those of Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter all weaved together to attract users and keep them scrolling endlessly for more content, allowing users to scroll through short, engaging, and contagious fast-paced videos.

Moreover, celebrities and influencers from a wide array of niches and industries, from comedians to beauty gurus and fashionistas, are ever-present on the platform, creating highly engaging content for their followers to see and share, making TikTok the place to be for everyone in 2022.

Among these TikTok content creators, innovative-thinking companies are also jumping into action to take full advantage of this new marketing opportunity, and your business should be too. TikTok is exploding, and there’s no way to ignore it! Below you will find the top 3 reasons why your business needs to be on TikTok in 2022 and years to come.

TikTok Comes With a Large Audience

In just five short years, TikTok has become one of the biggest social media platforms globally and is only continuing to grow. With the app having more than three billion downloads and more than one billion active monthly users, this creates a fantastic opportunity for you to expose your brand and promote your company.

With 90% of users using the app daily and the average user spending 52 minutes each day on TikTok, the platform can make it easy for your company to show what you have to offer to new and returning users constantly. By adding your content into the mix, you can allow TikTok’s users to get in touch with your company, let them learn what you have to offer, and understand your brand deeper.

TikTok has such a large audience that even squaring out a small portion of the users on TikTok can mean a large amount of exposure for your business. Still, if you ever feel like you need a TikTok booster to get even more views and followers on your profile, you can always turn to a prominent TikTok growth agency to do their magic and let you expose your brand to more potential clients.

The Users Aren’t Passive

Unlike platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, TikTok’s users are always ready for an immersive experience. Because of the app’s nature, the volume plays a significant role in the generated content. Most users are aware of this and come ready to absorb posts, making this an excellent opportunity for them to be immersed in your original content.

Along with that, users are more likely to like, share, and comment on TikTok than other platforms due to how engaging the content actually is. This allows your content to get more engagement than it would on other platforms and, as a result, spread the word (or, in TikTok’s case—the video) to a larger audience. In addition, the platform stimulates your audience to give you feedback, creating a sense of community around your business.

There Is a Massive Pool of Influencers You Can Work With

One of the best things about TikTok is that anyone can go viral as a person with zero followers and the same amount of views on their previous content can post a video one night that will have a million views the following day.

Consequently, the ability to provide anyone with a massive following means that TikTok has a gigantic pool of influencers to choose from for a marketing campaign or collaboration. For instance, if you want to target a particular group of consumers in a given region, chances are, there’s an ideally suited TikTok influencer who fits your criteria and already has a big following.

Nevertheless, screening through influencers on TikTok can be a challenging process, and it’s frequently unclear to determine whether a particular individual is right for your company. So, the platform introduced the TikTok Marketplace to address this issue, an analytics tool that helps businesses find TikTok users to partner with. Through TikTok Marketplace, you can see the influencers’ reach, engagement, views, demographics, and more.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, getting your business on TikTok is not difficult at all, and at some point, it’s going to become a must. Let 2022 be the year you get your business on [TikTok], get ahead of the game and dominate your biggest competitors.

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